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My Day at Palatine 2013

No description

Gugu Ndlovu

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of My Day at Palatine 2013

My Day at Palatine 2013
Mr. Nalley
One positive thing about Geometry is my teacher, Mr. Nalley. Mr Nalley makes the class fun and makes me like geometry. He is also very helpful.
I like my homeroom class because I am a promise leader. I also like my homeroom teacher.
Mr. Loring
Weight Training
I like weight training because it is a good way to release stress and anger. Working out makes me feel like I have accomplished something and It makes me feel good about myself.
Mr. Manz
Technology Applications I
Tech App is one of my favorite classes because I love working with computers. I love figuring things out on a laptop or desktop. I like how we get to use programs like Excel and figure out programs like SAM. My dad also works with computers so I enjoy telling him about this class.
Lunch time is fun because I get to see my friends and talk to them. I also like that I can get some homework done during lunch. I also find lunch time to be a time when I can make new friends too. Lunch time isn't just for eating and talking with friends. It's also an opportunity for me to get things done.
I love playing my instrument. I play Bass Clarinet and Clarinet. Playing my instrument is one of stress relievers. Learning to play a new song is such a rewarding feeling.
Symphonic Band
English 2
English is another one of my favorite classes because I like to write papers and I love to learn new words. My English teacher is also very fun and helps out a lot.
I really like health because I enjoy being educated on teenage and young adult issues and it's nice to know a thing or two about what affects other people.
Earth Science
Earth Science is one of my favorite classes. We also iPads in Earth Science. I love learning about the planet and I think it is pretty neat how we get to use iPads and learn in a different way.
Mr. Watanuki
Mr. Esquivel
Ms. Carpenter
Mr. Brault
Mr. Fish
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