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Scratch Contest Entry

A crash-course on the program Scratch and my project created as a contest entry.

Andrew Isolda

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Scratch Contest Entry

Skippy's Day Out! a short Scratch project by Andrew Isolda What is Scratch is an elementary programming tool developed by MIT used to teach kids and teens the basic principles and the mindset of creating a computer program. Many types of programs can be made using Scratch, and many schools use it as a basis to learning computer programming. My Scratch Project: Characters Skippy Skippy is the main character of my project, "Skippy's Day Out!". There is not really any backstory, except for the fact that he dislikes school, which is the basis of the story. The Teacher The teacher doesn't have a name, he's just the teacher. He is the only other character in the animation besides Skippy. There is no real backstory on the teacher, either. He is in the story just for one scene. The teacher is just there to complete the effect of the classroom scene. My Scratch Project: Plot/Scenario What would happen if you just decided to walk out of school right in the middle of math class? Well, you can find out by watching the epic tale of a young lad named Skippy! This animation will take you to all kinds of places, such as: a school, the front yard of the school, and a random brick wall! Encounter all of the shenanigans with Skippy! Watch the animation that the critics have called "a disgrace to mankind", "Skippy's Day Out!"! My Scratch Project: How is it Played? The great thing about this Scratch project is that it's so simple to play! It's an "interactive animation" of sorts, where you can progress from scene to scene at the press of a button! All you need to do is press the proper button that the on-screen prompt tells you to, and then you magically go to the next scene! Note: The program makes you press a different button to progress through different scenes, instead of pressing space the whole time, and this is just to keep the viewer on their toes and to make them pay attention. My Scratch Project: Project Type There are many different types of projects that can be made with Scratch. Among the most popular are games and animations. I decided to do something a little bit different and make a "hybrid" of sorts. My project is basically an interactive animation, where the story progresses through button presses by the viewer. The End! ?
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