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Ernest Rutherford

Extreme over view of the scientist Ernest Rutherford

Sebastian Pawlikowski

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford Laboratory Group
Five 1871 Born in Nelson, New Zealand At age 16 Rutherford was accepted in to
Nelson Collegiate School Awarded a Scholarship to
Cambridge University 1937 On August 30 Passed away on October 17 1898 Became professor at
McGill University His work at McGill University With Radio Activity Radio Activity Work During World War One Ernest Rutherford "Can be considered the father of Nuclear Physics" 1889 1907 1907 Went back to England to become a professor at Manchester University Studied at Cambridge Government schooling 1908 Awarded Nobel Prize He was Knighted 1914 Went back to physics Helped to Defeat the "Submarine Menace" Studied underwater acoustics Helped to create SONAR 1917 Conducted Many New Experiments His famous Gold Foil experiment Worked at Manchester University Conducted in Depth Experiments Nuclear Physics "Virtually created the discipline of atomic physics" Studied Under Sir Joseph (J.J) Thomson 1919 Became Professor and Director
Cavendish Laboratory 1925 1930 President of the Royal Scientific Society Awarded a Life Peerage 1931 Helped Fredrick Soddy to discover the Isotope The War Interrupted his work 1894 1887 Credited For Discovering electrons and isotopes and inventing the mass spectrometer "He made several discoveries that helped revolutionize the understanding of atomic structure"
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