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Third Grade Unit Presentation

An overview of the 3rd grade unit.

Whitney Purcell

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Third Grade Unit Presentation

Day One: Name Your Region Third Grade Unit ~This unit explores the five different regions of the United States

~It will take place during week 20 of the school year Mission Geography: USA Edition! Lets Go Explore the United States! Day Two: Name That City! On day 2 the students will have a lesson in measuring distances. They will practice by measuring distances across the United States. The students will also learn and label the 50 states and their capitals. Day Three: Who Eats Whom? On day 3 the students get a lesson on habitats and ecosystems. In this lesson they will use the animals and plants from their regions to create a food web. Day Four: Presentation Preparation! Let the planning being! On day 4 the students are concluding their brochures and maps. They will prepare their final presentations and develop a presentation to share with the class. Whitney Purcell
Lindsey Reeder
Katie Fasnacht
Kevin Ruff The Five Regions Are:
-West The students will be learning about each region by working in groups that are assigned a region of the United States. On this day students will watch an introduction video about the regions, look at an example Glogster, be assigned their groups and regions, and begin to work collaboratively to produce their final region brochures and maps. The students will continue to use technology and books to research their regions and work on their maps and brochures. On day 3 the students will continue to research their regions and begin to conclude their research. The brochures and maps are being worked on also. The students will work together to decide how they will present their region to the class Day Five: Lets Travel the United States Day 5 Includes: Social Studies, Language Arts, Visual Arts & Physical Education Students will present their region to the class. They will share what they learned about the region and what important features they included. They will be taking the class on a tour of their region. Then the class will combine their group maps to make one big map of the United States Last the students will participate in a game that will review the knowledge they learned in the presentations and also get them active! Your Turn! You will now be creating a food web that the students would create Each table is a group that will be assigned a certain region

Given the material provided follow the directions to create your very own food web! Day 1 includes: Social Studies, Language Arts & Visual Arts Day 2 Includes: Social Studies, Language Arts, Visual Arts & Math Day 3 Includes: Social Studies, Language Arts, Visual Arts & Science Day 4 Includes: Social Studies, Language Arts & Visual Arts Unit Assessments Peer Assessment: The students will be assessing each other's work. This will be group assessment of each other and also an assessment of the activities

Teacher Assessment: The teacher will be assessing the students comprehension of material, classroom behaviors, ability to work together, and time management.

The Regions Game: On the last day of the unit, after the presentations the students will participate in a game that will test their comprehension. They will be asked questions pertaining to a specific region and have to run to the area of the room for that region. The students are assessed in 3 different ways... Diversity & Learning Barriers ~The student in the wheel chair will have access to ever activity station, research area, work area, group area and personal desk area.
~The visually impaired student will be able to see all work through larger print, being seated in the front of the room, and having a student they are able to ask for any help
~The ELL's will be able to complete all work in the classroom. There will be environmental print, translated worksheets, individual time with the teacher, and a student they will be able to ask any questions. We have made every activity in this unit so that each student in the classroom is capable of completing it. Social Studies Standard Social Studies Standard: SS3G1: The student will locate major topographical features.
a. Identify major rivers of the United States of America: Mississippi, Ohio, Rio Grande, Colorado, Hudson.
b. Identify major mountain ranges of the United States of America: Appalachian, Rocky. Essential Question Why are the different regions important? How do they come together to make up the country?
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