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Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw

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Valentina Phothisanh

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen The Saw Habit 7 Caring for your Body and Brain Baby Step 1: Body 1. Eat breakfast Essential Element #2
"Hakuna Matata"
Just Laugh, as some would say. Laughing is a key element in keeping your heart healthy & Strong. As of Kindergarten, you laugh 300 times a day. Some may say that's a lot, compared to the typical adult who laughs a whopping 17 times a day. Now who's heart do you think is happier and healthy as of know?
Peter Doskoch, the author of "Psychology Today" states
in his book "Laughter loosens up the metal gears and
counteracts depression or thoughts of suicide."
Always remember; "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" - Victor Borge Start an exercise program today and do it faithfully for 30 days. Walk, run, swim, bike, roller-blade, lift weights etc. Chose something you really enjoy! Caring for your body
Eat Healthy
Sleep Well
Relax Give up a bad habit for a week. Go without alcohol soda pop, fried foods, donuts, chocolate, or whatever else may be hurting your body. A week later, see how you feel. Baby Step 3: Heart Feeding your soul
Whether you go home and journal, listen to music, go for walk, or pray before you go to bed, your constantly feeding your soul. Most people are more known to journal because they don't talk back or talk BEHIND your back. Journaling can also clear your mind, as well as boost confidence. Some may also take the music route, by listening to a average of 4 hours of music a day. These are all forms of feeding your soul. Baby Step 2: Mind Nutrition Two Rules of Thumb
1.Listen to your body.
Pay attention to how different foods make you feel and try to develop your own list of do's and don'ts.
2.Be moderate and avoid extremes
Balance is everything when it comes to eating healthy. (insert food pyramid pic) Exercise Exercise is a great way to sharpen your saw.
Besides being a good for your heart and lungs, exercise has an amazing way of giving you a shot of energy, melting away stress and clearing your mind.
There is no single best way to exercise, do what you like!
Make sure not to obsess about exercise and having perfect physique, its about how you feel, not how you look. Sleep Well Your body needs sleep, especially at this age because we are growing so rapidly. By getting sufficient sleep, you will sharpen your saw for the next day and be energized and focused. Relax Between school, work, and sports we are very busy people. Often times we forgot to make time to care for ourselves and relax a little. By relaxing you are giving your body the break it so desperately needs. Caring For Your Brain Caring for your Brain
The mental dimension of Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw, means developing brain power through your schooling, extracurricular activities, hobbies, jobs, and other mind-enlarging experiences. Go on a one-on-one outing with a family member like your mom or your brother. Catch a ball game, see a movie, go shopping, or get an ice cream. Begin today to build your humor collection. Cut out your favorite cartoons, buy hilarious movies, or start your own collection of great jokes. In no time, you'll have something to go to when you're feeling stressed. Baby Step 4: Soul Watch the sunset tonight or get up early to watch the sunrise. If you haven't already done it, start keeping a journal today. Take time each day to meditate, reflect upon your life, or pray. Do what works for you. Warnings for feeding your soul.
You need to make sure what your listening to wont effect your well being. As teenagers, we have the choice of what songs to buy and listen too. Really pay attention to the lyrics in some of your favorite songs to find out what your really hearing. For example, a lot of our favorite artists like Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, and Lady GaGa's songs may have a great beat, but do you ever pay attention to what your hearing? Teens Reacting to what may be funny, but what the actual message is Sharpen Your Mind! There are so many ways to sharpen your mind, not just reading and being quizzed in your school classes. Read a newspaper every day
Plant a garden
Observe wildlife
Watch the Discovery Channel
Visit a library
Listen to the news
Research your ancestors
Write a story, poem or song
Play a game of chess
Visit a museum Comment in Class
Attend a ballet, opera or play
Learn to play a musical instrument
Have stimulating conversations with friends
Solve crossword puzzles Learning can be FUN Find Your Niche While you may need to endure some subjects you don't enjoy at school, find the subjects you do enjoy and build upon them! Take some classes, read some books or see some movies; don't let school by your only form of education! Let the world be your campus. Mental Barriers As you attempt to build a brain, you will need
to overcome a few barriers. Here are 3 to consider: Screen Time
The Nerd Syndrome
Pressure YOU GOTTA WANNA! In the end, the key to honoring your mind will be your own desire to learn. You've got to really want it! You've got to get turned on by learning. You've got to pay the price.

If you haven't paid the price to educate yourself so, its never too late to start! If you can learn to learn to think well, the future will be an open door of opportunity. :) Subscribe to a magazine that has some educational value, such as People or National Geographic. The next time you go on a date, do something different that you've never done before. Expand your horizons!
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