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The Road Ahead

No description

Ted Hudson

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for

Sycamore Creek Elementary School was a pilot school in Wake County initiated a BYOD learning environment.

For the 2015-2016 school year all students, teachers, parents and administrators will work together to create the type of environments that provide students opportunities to enhance
skills through
with peers. We're looking forward to seeing
blossom as students develop stronger
skills through engaging and challenging projects that will require the use of 21st century skills.
It's not about the devices themselves, it's about embracing them as a tool for enhancing the great instructional practices already taking place.
What Will BYOD Look Like At Sycamore Creek?
This 2015-2016 school year Sycamore Creek, for the first time, will give all teachers the opportunity to make their classroom a BYOD classroom. Students in these classrooms would be allowed to bring their personal technology devices (laptops, smart phones, Nooks, tablets, iPads, etc.) into the classroom. These devices are to be used at the discretion of individual teachers to enhance lessons and learning. Teachers will incorporate devices at appropriate points within their lessons to build ideas, enlist creativity, grant quick access to information, and allow students Internet access to develop knowledge and collaboration in the classroom.
BYOD Responsible Use Agreement
The Real Road Ahead
Informational meeting for staff on April 16th
Initial training on how to implement a BYOD classroom 6/3/15 or 6/18/15
-During these trainings we will go in
to more specifics and detail
of how to implement BYOD
in to your classroom.

The Real Road Ahead
On going professional development
Google Docs
Digital Resources
Apps, Apps, and more Apps
So much more!
Walk throughs
What's Next...
Make the decision to increase your students' voice and choice by becoming a BYOD classroom!

Attend one of the implementation meetings.

Start planning on how you can strategically implement devices in to your lessons.

The Road Ahead
BYOD at Sycamore Creek
Students must adhere to Board Policy's 6410 (Code of Student Conduct) and 6446 (Student Acceptable use of Electronic Devices).

District Guidlines include:

No Touch
Wifi Only (Must be connected to the BYOD network);
No 3G or 4G Networks
No Printing
Email use through district generated emails only.
BYOD will allow students to enhance critical thinking skills through collaboration with peers. We're looking forward to seeing creativity blossom as students develop stronger communication skills through engaging lessons, collaborative work, and projects.

Remember, it's not about the devices themselves, it's about embracing them for all the ways they can enhance the great instruction already taking place in the classroom.
What's next...
Share with parents at open house that you
have made the choice to be a BYOD classroom!

Begin the journey of transforming your instruction,
and increasing the 21st century learning and
thinking skills with your students.
What's next...
You will be receiving an email from me.

This presentation will be linked

Articles about BYOD classrooms will be linked.

Asking you to reply by May 1st letting me know if you are planning on making your classroom a BYOD classroom and which implementation
training date you will be attending.
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