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Plant Cell and School Analogy

No description

Divjot Arora

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell and School Analogy

Nuclear Membrane
Function: Controls movement of material in/out of the nucleus
Rough ER
Function: Produces proteins
Function: Controls cell activities
Function: Produces ribosomes and RNA
The nucleolus is like the main office of the school because they admit new kids to the school just like the nucleolus produces ribosomes.
The nuclear membrane is like the door of the principal's office because it encloses the room and controls who goes in or out of the room just like the nuclear membrane controls movement of the materials in or out of the nucleus.
A nucleus is like the principal of the school because he controls the school's activities just like the nucleus controls the cell's activities.
Plant Cell and School Analogy
Description: Large, oval shape
Description: Inside the nucleus and is composed of proteins and nucleic acids
Description: Surrounds nucleus
Description: Made up of a system of membranous tubes and sacs that is studded with ribosomes
The Rough ER is like the cafeteria of the school because we get energy when we eat there. This is just like the Rough ER because it produces proteins, which give us energy.
Smooth ER
Description: Tubular in form and lacks ribosomes
Function: Produce lipids and detoxify molecules
The smooth ER is like the custodian because they clean the school just like the smooth ER detoxify molecules.
Description: Bean-shaped with inner membrane
Function: Carries out cellular respiration, producing ATP molecules
The mitochondria is like the hallway of the school because they produce ATP molecules which transport chemical energy within the cell.
Golgi Apparatus
Description: Consists of a stack of three to twenty slightly curved
Functions: processes, packages, and secretes modified cell products
The Golgi Apparatus is like the delivery truck that brings materials to the school because it processes cell products.
Function: Carry out protein synthesis
Description: Composed of RNA and proteins
The ribosomes are like the lunch ladies in the school because they make food just like ribosomes make proteins
Description: Green, oval, and contains chlorophyll
Function: Carries out photosynthesis, producing sugar
Chloroplast is like the textbooks in school because they provide us with information just like chloroplast provides food for the cell.
Cell Membrane
Function: regulates entrance and exit of molecules
Description: surrounds cytoplasm
The cell membrane is like the entrance to the school because they regulate entrance and exit of students and adults.
Cell Wall
Function: Shapes, supports, and protects cell
Description: Outer surface
The cell wall is like the wall of the school because it protects the school just like the cell does in a cell.
Function: Maintains shape and assists movement of cell parts
Description: A network of fibers throughout the cytoplasm
The cytoskeleton is like the school bus because it takes the students to school and the cytoskeleton also help with the movement of the cell parts.
Description: Small and round with a membrane
Function: Digests macromolecules and cell parts
The lysosome is like the trash truck because it takes out the waste just like the lysosome digest cell parts and macromolecules.
Description: Large, fluid-filled sac
Functions: Stores metabolites and helps maintain turgor pressure
The Vacuole is like a closet in the school because it is a storage place just like the vacuole.
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