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Robert La Salle

No description

kalie devaney

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Robert La Salle

Robert La Salle
By: Kalie Devaney, Daniel DeWaters and Reese Woodginski

How Many Voyages Did He Make?
Robert la Salle was best known for leading a voyage on the Mississippi river and Illinois river. La Salle found Louisiana and name it that in honor of King Louis XIV (14th) of France . La Salle died trying to take a Spanish settlement in Texas which cost him his life.
Why Did La Salle Go On His Voyages?
What Parts Of The World Did He Travel?
La Salle traveled the mid west United States along the Mississippi river. He also explored Texas and other South West and South East regions. He died in Texas
Lifespan Of The Explorer
Robert was born November 22nd, 1643 in Rouen, Normandy. He died April 9th, 1682. He died during a conquering mission in Texas trying to take a Spanish settlement. Making him 39 years old.
What Country Did Robert La Salle Travel For?
Robert La Salle was a French explorer. Meaning he sailed for France. King Louis the fourteenth asked La Salle to go south to sail down the Mississippi to New Mexico. He was to explore a fur trades along the Mississippi river.
How Robert La Salle Became A Known Explorer
Portrait Of Robert La Salle
I’m René-Robert de LaSalle

I’m René-Robert de LaSalle

“I was born in Rouen, France. As a kid,
I went to a school run by Jesuit priests.
I studied to be a Jesuit, but
I left religious training in the year 1665
In search of adventure.”
That is how begins the memoirs of one
Of his favorite American heroes
Not from historical novels, but living discoverers
From blood and bone, faith and fear —
Those who fecundated his mind for years.
LaSalle could be a bridge, a bank,
A great district city, the name
Of a train station, an unwritten poem,
An untold history about discoverers,
Or also the fear before the new and unknown.
The window through which he looks is on
The twenty-eighth floor of a building
On North LaSalle Street in Chicago.
He is brave. He made it to this city.
He lives here. He manages himself well.
He has rooted himself and just now is buying

A new apartment for himself, or maybe he will rent it out.
He is not sure which yet, but he wants to profit,
Certainly. He is calm. He knows at what he is aiming.
He has a strong belief that he shall triumph.
It is not a mere hope, that possibly he will make it.
Now he will not be frightened by a gesture.
Or a casual look straight in the eyes.
He loves this city. He looks at the sun
Shining on his future. He has developed
A great faith in himself, in his opportunities,
A faith in which there is no place for dark fear
Populated by the monsters of his imagination.
The period of childhood and adaptation
In a new country are behind him. He has evolved
And has taken in much courage and light into his eyes
And soul, for his faith resides in his heart.
adam lizakowski

Think quest.com
Robert La Salle's First voyage was to Canada. He ventured down The Mississippi River thinking he could get to California.His Second expedition was with Henri de Tonti on the Le Griffon. He left from Fort Conti over the Great Lakes. He made it to Green Bay, Wisconsin and set up trading posts.
Robert went on the voyages to reject his father's legacy. He sailed for New France as well. Not much else is known about why he sailed.
What Was The Result Of His Voyages?
One of the results of his voyages was the discovery of Louisiana and the prosperity of France with shipping(Gulf of Mexico.) Also he claimed all of the water ways of the Mississippi River. Another accomplishment was that he claimed all of the drained parts of the Mississippi and its tributes for England.
Fun Facts
- Robert named Louisiana after King Louis XLV(14)
- Robert died trying to take over a part of Mexico
- Jesuit was what Robert wanted to be a priest.
-A Jesuit is a person who studies to be a priest or any body of a holy clergy. The Jesuit order was started by Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Xavier in 1546.

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