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TWC Ware Court MDC Data Center Expansion

No description

Ryan Wagner

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of TWC Ware Court MDC Data Center Expansion

Time Warner Cable
Ware Court MDC Data Center Expansion
Commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical Systems

October 17, 2013 1:30PM-2:30PM

Michael Donato, QCxP, LEED AP
James Shigley, Mechanical
Aris Espejo, Electrical
Ryan Wagner, QCxP

ERS Commissioning Team
Commissioning Closeout
How to Measure SUCCESS?
Project done properly the first time

Meets TWC needs and expectations


Schedule & Budget

Interview Agenda
15 Minutes – TWC Ware Court Project Team Introduction and
ERS Commissioning Team Introductions

20 Minutes – Project Approach including:
- Phases of Commissioning per RFP
- ERS Proposal Review and Execution Strategies

10 Minutes – Commissioning Closeout

15 Minutes – Question and Answer
Commissioning Staff
Michael Donato, Electrical Lead
14 years data center CxA experience
QCxP, University of Wisconsin
NETA Level III Technician, 21 years

Tim Brown, Field Engineer A (Backup)
Field Commissioner, Electrical
Facebook, NCAR, Agilent, Chesapeake Energy

Phillip Pruzensky, Senior Technician (Backup)
Field Commissioner, Mechanical
NSA Data Center, Truckee Medical Center
Electrical Reliability Services ~ Commissioning Division

A division of Emerson Network Power

Full Member of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) for 40+ Years.

Over 15 Years Mechanical/Electrical Commissioning Services

18 ERS Offices from Seattle, WA to Ft. Meyers, FL

10 HVM Offices services North Eastern United States

300 Field Service Technicians and Commissioning Engineers across the country

Qualifying Project 1
FedEx Corporate Services
Enterprise Data Center West ~ Colorado Springs, CO
Commissioning Staff
Reza Hosseini, Project Manager
8 years critical space Cx experience
ME, CA Licensed PE

Jim Shigley, Mechanical Lead
35 years critical space Mechanical Cx experience
Data Centers, Hospitals, Clean Rooms

- Aris Espejo, EE, Electrical Lead
Field Commissioner, Electrical
Bank of America, Sempra, Deutsche Bank

Key Strategies
Cx as part of the Project Team
One common goal
Communicate Roles & Responsibilities
Early coordination
Open team communications

Construction & Commissioning of New Data Center in the same building as the Existing Operational Data Center, supported by the same infrastructure

> Owner Project Requirement > Contingency Planning
> Methods of Procedure (MOPs) > Temporary Back-up Provisions
> Risk Assessment & Identification > Communication
Qualifying Project 2
Expansion & Commissioning of the 20k sq/ft Phase IV computer room in the operating facility

> Existing System Operationally Verified > Contingency Planning
> Methods of Procedure (MOPs) > Comprehensive Testing Plan
and Review
Denver Co-Location Data Center
Qualifying Project 3
IBM Boulder
Building 022, Data Center Addition
Addition of a 22k sq/ft Data Center to an Existing Critical Space Campus and Central Plant

> Pre-Testing of Critical Equipment > Team Review of Testing Plans
> Methods of Procedure (MOPs) > Off-Peak Test Schedule
Advocate contractor
pre-testing of systems prior to demonstration testing ~ avoid costs of
Follow up/ Seasonal/ deferred activities
Project Documentation & Deliverables including
Systems Manuals
Maintenance Recommendations
Training Review and Observation
Applicable Projects
Levels of Commissioning
Design Phase

Construction Phase

Acceptance Phase

Warranty Phase
Project Approach
Partnering for Success
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