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Take Better Math Notes

What is the purpose of taking notes? What is important in respects to math notes?


on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Take Better Math Notes

Taking Better Math Notes Objective: After this workshop, you will
-Know: a good format for note taking
-Understand: how you utilize notes
-Do: keep an example for future reference What do you do now? Cornell Method Types of Notes Outline Chart Mind Maps Cornell Notes Just like outlining a paper Outlines Solving Equations
Goal: get x alone
Use distributive property if necessary
Combine like terms
To isolate x, remove the #s by doing the same thing to both sides of the equation

Example: Great when listing multiple methods for the same type of problem Charts Mind Maps Visual, different formats!
(Thinking Maps) Does pre-reading help note taking? Notes FAQ How do you cope with a lecturer who talks too fast? Should you type your notes? Should you take notes in shorthand? How about using tape recorders or cassettes? How much more remembering is achieved when I review? What can we learn from research? Are main ideas enough? Should you reflect on the ideas during lecture? Should you write in your own words? Now, try taking notes in a new way What is important in note taking?
What is the point? Brainstorm:
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