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BRM 2017 Example 1: Power - Symobilc or Bullying

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Kevin O'Gorman

on 27 May 2017

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Transcript of BRM 2017 Example 1: Power - Symobilc or Bullying

Symbolic Power: Bullying or simply establishing social cohesion?
Professor Kevin O'Gorman
Social World of Business
Class & Race
Bullying or Initiation
The language associated with bullying emerges as the very fabric of kitchen communication and group cohesion.

“they know that if I say ‘get that f****n’ fish plated you c***’ then I need it done faster than now, and that is clearer than saying, ‘look we’re really under pressure so could you stop what you’re doing and plate that fish.’”

“We have this game where anyone can shout ‘jump’ and the victim of the day has to jump. It just gets everyone chatting and laughing and it’s actually pretty cool to get ‘victim’ and you see how quickly you can react to the shouts.”
Bullying of a psychological nature appeared when individuals who did not fit were isolated.

“I say to my guys, I know I can be a total bastard during service but we need that to get us through service and they know it’s not personal. We sit down at the end of the night and have a beer and we’re all pals.”

“We had this one guy that no one got on with, he just didn’t seem to understand the banter and he was always shifty-like-looking over his shoulder and that. We just sort of stopped talking to him the way we talked to each other, I guess to be honest we became much nicer to him he lasted another week.”
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