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E.L.A Final Presentation

Paramount Village

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Transcript of E.L.A Final Presentation

THANK YOU Development Study Preliminary Research E. L. A. Team E.L.A. Consulting Group Paramount Village Residential Development Key Factors Markets Addressing the Proposal Design Outcomes & Recommendations Project Time frames for Teddy Australis Gabriel Bastien Andres Santiago Project Location Teddy Australis Field Visit Regional Research South East Queensland Transport Plan South East Queensland Regional Plan Local Research Park Ridge Master Plan Response to the Brief Teddy Australis' Project Brief Funding Planning Annual rate of return 14.3% Kailee Walter Small privately owned development company
Average of 44 residential lots in the past four years
Willing to spread its risks Introduction Demographics Relatively young population aged under 14 and between 25-44 (ABS, 2012)
Logan's population growth represents the 24.5% of Queensland's growth 2006-2011 (ABS, 2012) Queensland's high demand: 42,200 new households per year (Housing Industry of Australia Report 2011)
Park Ridge is placed in Logan's growth area (Queensland Government 2009)
Second and third home buyers Lot 32 - 1.887 ha
Lot 33 - 2.178 ha
Approximately AUD 2'000,000.00 Stage 2 - Design Proposal Final Design Stage 1 - Proposal Stage 3 - Final Report Final Design Cost Evaluation Infrastructure Planning Requirements Project Gantt Chart House Pricing Annual Rate of Return Data Collection Proposal Land Valuation RBA cash rate = 3.25% + 4% target margin rate
Borrowable amount:
65% of total on Completion Value; or,
80% of Direct Project Costs 210 m2 of construction
Two storeys
460 m2 lot Assumptions:
Project value AUD 20'912,620.00
Initial capital outlay 15% of project value AUD 3'136,893.00
Banking lending rate 7.5% (RBA cash rate 3.25%+4.0% target margin)
Additional financing funds AUD 4'000,000.00
Project execution time-frame 54 months
Maximum land acquisition value 2'032,500.00 185 m2 of construction
Two storeys
575 m2 lot
Swimming pool Two Types of Houses
52 Lots Type 1 Type 2 Location of Paramount Village 0 - 15 years Sequencing Plan Low density residential (R600) Residual valuation of land Infrastructure charges AUD 1'482,312.00
Construction cost AUD 11'475,840.00
DA's fees & other council fees AUD 79,300.00
Operational works AUD 761,693.00
Consulting fees AUD 757,873.00
Sales agency fees 942,000.00
Interest charges AUD 809,108.00
Profit AUD 2'584,455.00 Project value AUD 20'912,620.00 Land Value AUD 2'032,500.00
AUD 50 per sqm Sales Plan Feasibility Study
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