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United States v. Alfonso Lopez Jr.

by karlin humphrey period 6th

Jennifer Leary

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of United States v. Alfonso Lopez Jr.

United States v. Alfonso Lopez Jr.
By: Karlin Humphrey
6th Period Mrs. Greer Who was Involved?
Alfonso Lopez Jr., the supreme court, Justice Rehnquist, and Congress played a part in the case. What was the case about?
In 1995, Alfonso Lopez, Jr. brought a handgun with bullets to his school in San Antonio, Texas and was arrested and prosecuted for a congress made law What was the verdict on the case?
The supreme court ruled that to let congress make that law you would have to make an inference on inference which can be used in pretty much everything even if it has nothing to do with money giving Congress alot more power. They decided to reject the law. What was the argument?
Justice Rehnquist argued that
Congress only has jurisdiction to make laws on commerce(which is the economy) and that guns in school don't have anything to do with the economy therefore, congress can not pass that law that Lopez Jr. was arrested for. What did Congress argue?
Congress thought that guns in school would lead to crime and violence that would effect the economy, and would also effect the travelling area. Also, it would lead to students having a worse education due to the distractions of crime around them
which effects and the long run, give us a weaker economy. So in Congress's mind guns in school falls under commerce. What happen to Alfonso?
He spent 5 years in jail, until they threw out his conviction How does this case effect the way we live today?
That case was the first case in the modern era to set limits on congressional power. This case puts limits on Congress so Congress doesn't get too much power. What amendment does this court case refer to?
This case is most like amendment 21 where amendment 18 which was the abolishment of liquor was repealed. Congress made that amendment to stop people drinking though it didn't fall under jurisdiction of commerce, just like Alfonso's gun case. So, they had to repeal amendment 18. What is my opinion?
I think even though guns in school is bad, giving congress the ability to make that law would be giving them too much power jeapordizing equal power among the branches. It was a very good decision by the supreme court Bibliography
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