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No description

Emma P.

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of PHILLIPS

Back in the middle ages there were no need for last/surnames. But when the tax people came to collect the taxes they would often get confused because there were more people withe the same names so the people made last/surnames. The same reason the middle name appeared....
The Picton Castle

The Picton Castle is where the fonder of the last/surname Phillips lived. The Picton Castle is located in south-west Wales.

The Phillips Family Crest

The Phillips Family crest is a black
lion who is chained, collared, and
crowned. There are many different
kinds of crests for Wales, Ireland, and
What does Phillips mean?
The meaning of Phillips is "Lover of Horses". My name means "Whole (Emma) Lover of Horses (Phillips)" Phillips is derived from the Greek word "Hippos" which means "horse" hinting at the current meaning.
Who was John Phillips?
John Phillips came from England but was the first person with a Phillips last name to land in America.
He used a boat to travel from England all the way to America.
Who was Cadivor Mawr?
Cadivor Mawr was the prince of Pembroke. He was the only identifiable one in the family. His cousin Rhodri Mawr was the first king who was recordable. Cadivor descendant (in the 12th century) was Ffylib(last name) Jevans(first name), is the first to use the surname Phillips. Jevan is now Jevan Phillips.
Who was Jevan?
Back in the middle ages Philip(founder of the surname Phillips) was Jevan. Jevan was royalty. He was the first person to have the last name of Phillips. He later on changed his name to Philip so his whole name was Philip Phillips (like the singer today!)
Philip Phillips lived in Macedon. Before they made surnames they would say your name and where you lived. Macedon is located in Europe. When I looked up something the web site would always say Philip of Macedon. When the came out with last names his full name was Jevan Ffylib. He changed his first name to Philip and his last name Phillips.
Alexander was the son of Philip of
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