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OF- 1 - 2015 03

OF-1 is the simple and straightforward way to build distributed OpenEdge solutions with multiple Ul's.


on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of OF- 1 - 2015 03

Build Backend efficient
Graphical Design of BEs Generate BE base code
Business Entities Encapsulate
Business Logic Enhance Maintainability
are not just widgets
contains already logic
abstract UI
creating the specific UI
each UI has it own control set

SaaS Application using Skin-Client API to run Java or HTML5 application
in a browser or standalone (Java) – that is available today.
Redesign / rebuild your application
Migrate from DWP, Dynamics, ADM...
Co-exists with legacy applications
Web based applications
Multi-Tenancy applications
AddOns for existing in-house ERP systems
Add-Ons to QAD, proALPHA, your homebrew...)
Could be functional (extend with new modules)
could be AddOn (B2B, Information System...)
Create your new in-house ERP
Optimo – Increase Sales
Baking Factories, Bakeries
Recreated appliction
Improved GUI
Improved key support
→ More sales
AVG – GUI against SAP
Hospital Chain
Strong pro SAP Group
Create rich GUI
→ Electronic Patient File
Hapag Lloyd – Fast Migration

Large Shipping Company
Sources used includes strongly
Migrated to OF-1
→ Migration: 25% of build time
Ulukom – Dynamics Migration

Solution for logistic companies
Use existing business logic
Migrated to OF-1
Farm Frites Integration in Sharepoint
Add-On for MFG/Pro
Migration from DWP
PUG Challenge Americas ConfApp

Adminstration Tool
Manage backend data
Business Entities
Component Classes
OF-1 is the simple and straightforward way to build
distributed OpenEdge solutions with multiple UI's.

OF-1 Presentation
IAP provides consulting services and technical solutions with an emphasis on Progress OpenEdge since 1993.
The customers are enterprises such as Progress software partners, logistics companies, trading companies, manufacturers, consultants, chains of clinics, chains of DIY stores and software developers.
OF-1 is the simple and straightforward way to build distributed OpenEdge solutions with multiple UI's.
Progress work experience since 1989
Founded 1994 in Hamburg, Germany
Longest customer relationship exists since 1993
25 staff members
Fields of work – 90% Progress
Consulting, technology transfer, development
Tools4Progress (Viper, PCase, Skin-Client)

Why chose IAP?
Reliable service
Long term partner
We listen
Deep Technical Skills
Areas of work
Consulting, Coaching
System Architecture
Software Development
OpenEdge, C#, Java, JavaScript
InHouse, Remote

OF-1 in Numbers
Started 2004
2 Versions per year
About 35 Customer
135 PCase Customer
20 Skin-Client Cust.
120 Viper Customer

6 Developer
Skin-Client Mobile

Source code included
State-of-the-art technology
Easy access to this technology
Web/Cloud/SaaS is in the package
GUI Richness
Multi UI
Intelligent Components

GUI Design
Business Entities
Configure instead of programming
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