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Dear Dumb Diary

By Piper MacDonald and E'lyna Do!!! (Watch it in FullScreen its better there)

Piper MacDonald

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Dear Dumb Diary

Dear Dumb Diary By: Jim Benton #1 Let's Pretend This Never
Happened #3 Am I the Princess or
the Frog? #4 Never Do Anything,
Ever #6 The problem with here is that
it's Where I'm From #5 Can Adults Become
Human? #2 My Pants are
Haunted Jamie Kelly #7 Never Underestimate
your Dumbness #8 It's not my Fault I
Know Everything School: Mackerel Middle School
Locker: 101
Best Friend: Isabella
Best Enemy: Angeline
(aka Princess Turd of Turdsylvania)
Nickname: None (but had a near-
miss moment where she almost
became Peach Girl!)
Pet: STINKER who is a beagle
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Brownishly Blond with Brunette
Activities: Writing in her dumb diary,
complaining about Mom's cooking,
not stalking Hudson Rivers. Also
she would probably be good at
being a rock star and
Goals in
life: To possess and share the horrible
contents of Angeline's permanent
record to the world. #9 That's What Friends
Aren't For Isabella Vinchella Best Friend: Jamie Kelly
Best Enemy: Chapped Lips
Pet: Who needs a pet when
you have a whole bunch of
crazy brothers and sisters?
Hair color: brown
Eye color: a piercing brown
Favourite Obsessive tracker
Activities: of loserdom and
Goal in
Life: To never be blamed
for anything,ever #10 The Worst Things In Life
Are Also Free #11 Okay so maybe I Do
Have Superpowers #12 Me!
(just like you only Better) Angeline Best friend:everyone, against their will
Best Enemy:no one...not that anyone
would admit it to her face
Hair color: Glorious Heavenly Sunshine
Favourite Walking in slow motion,
Activities: flashing blinding smiles,
setting unlikely fashion
Nicknames: Princess Turd of Turdsylvania,
the prettiest girl in the world,
Blondwad Year Two #1 School. Hasn't This
Gone on Long enough? Year Two #2 The Super-Nice Are
Super-Annoying Year Two #3 Nobody's Perfect
I'm as close as It Gets Thanks for watching,
Jamie Kelly (with the help of
Piper MacDonald and E'lyna Do!)
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