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Digital Agency

No description

Zain Abdullah

on 1 August 2010

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Transcript of Digital Agency

Interactive Agency Bringing Technology & Creativity Together
“The internet has become one of the most important channels to communicate with customers, We have reached 9.2 million of internet users in Saudi Arabia that shows (35%) of population and 2% (1.8 million) of them are using DSL connection.”
Ministry of communication and information technology report 2009
The Opportunity From a quick surf on the Saudi leading companies we can come to the conclusion that they either:
doesn't have websites yet.
have poor designed websites.
have well designed but not functional websites.
Few have their online strategy (branding, positioning, marketing… etc)

Social Media And Viral Marketing boom
2.3 Milloion Facebook users in Saudi Arabia
Threats Market immaturity (new, undefined)
Lack of awareness of the importance of online presence
Freelancers and IT companies providing cheap and off-the-shelf products
Quantum Online Services:
A unit offering professional web design, web development and Internet marketing solutions. Our Approach everything we do should begin with a sound strategy. once the strategic roadmap is in place, we develop solutions that often include a combination of online marketing, website development and the technologies that drive them
Strategy Big Idea Concept platform Design & Development Grow and Analyse In house High commitment
Fully engage in the projects
More credibility
long term investment
Outsourced Lower cost
On demand
offshore Experts
Lower cost Structure Web Head Open source Developer
Client service executive
Technical manager
(online marketing specialist)
Designers Solutions CMS: to manage clients online profile and online forms
CRM: this application to keep track of customers data

Online Marketing: Pay per click

Social Media Kit

Pricing The market prices vary very much according to the quality of work, generally The price depends on the cost of the following factors
1- Technology used (Open source VS licenced ..etc)
2- Technical requirements (domain registration, Hosting .. Etc)
3- Project scale
4- the design cost (Quantum)
5- Business model (offshore, inhouse…etc)
6- Operating cost
Sample of agencies quotations Tamm Communication 49,000
Gluetube 102,000
WM 158.216
Beehive 44,000
NETWAYS 11,0000
Model Advantages disadvantages Higher cost
Lack of talents No commitment
Difficult to manage Difficult to manage
Communication time consumption
Thank You _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Next Steps? Services Quantum Online Services Is a Mashup of what we do Best Marketing Creativity Technology 2 Billion views a day
24 Hrs of video uploaded every minute

100 million users worldwide 500 Million Users worldwide 2.3 Milloion Facebook users in Saudi Arabia Soon, Being offline will not be an option Business Model Online research & strategy planning Web Design & development Multimedia services (viral videos, animation)
Search Engine Optimization
Content development (copywriting and design)
Maintenance and support
Developing Corporate website and E-commerce Gateway without E-commerce Gateway
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