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Samantha Bellamy

No description

Christy Smith

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Samantha Bellamy

Tess figures out the murder of Nina.
Sammy takes everything to the 5th power. Miranda
Miranda is the sweet girl, who never does anything bad. Secrets, Lies, and Algebra
By:Wendy Lichtman Text Connection
Mental Picture
When Richard gets the answer sheet to the test and copys it on the copier..
That Damian and Richard will get in trouble for cheating on the test.
My Text Connection
To the TV show CSI Summary
Its about these 3 8th grader girls who try and investigate a murder. Tess loves math because it's the one subject she can trust—there's always just one right answer, and it never changes. Literay Terms
In Berkeley, California, at the school.
When they think back and figure out that Rob is seeing a younger lady..
Tess becomes curious.
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