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1st Grade Math Practices PD

Use this for 8 math practices presentation

Linda Funsch

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of 1st Grade Math Practices PD

Regarding mathematics, what behaviors and
dispositions you seek to develop in your students? * Unpack Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP's)
* Know what it looks like in the classroom
* Create opportunities for your students to demonstrate math practices Goals for today's workshop: Mathematical Practices drive
content and instruction! For EACH of the
8 Mathematical
Practices Think, Pair, Share: . . . your thoughts! On the enclosed form,
put this practice in your own words. Math Stations! Assignment: Visit as many stations as time allows.
*Comments/changes Create a Rubric! Bringing it All Together
A Greater Understanding of the
Mathematical Practices! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* Bookmark to keep you mindful of the practices!
* Posters as a teaching tool!
* Lessons/videos/community for reference!
* Rubric to assess students! Although the Common Core identifies eight standards of mathematical practice and we have highlighted the ways in which each are evident, we can (and should) engage our students in multiple practices simultaneously. Think Holistically! Standards for Mathematical Practice
Standards for Mathematical Content The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe ways in which students ought to engage with the subject matter as they grow in mathematical maturity and expertise throughout the elementary, middle and high school years.

The Standards for Mathematical Content are a balanced combination of procedure
and understanding.

Expectations that begin with the word “understand” are often especially good opportunities to connect the practices to the content. These points of intersection are intended to be weighted toward central and generative concepts in the school mathematics curriculum that most merit the time, resources, innovative energies, and focus necessary to qualitatively improve the curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, and student achievement in mathematics. Folder Contents
Materials http://www.insidemathematics.org/index.php/standard-1 NCTM applauds the Standards for Mathematical Practice as set forth in the first standard. These are generally consistent with the Process Standards in NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and encourage rich mathematics teaching and learning. At the same time, however, the mathematical practices are not consistently set out as elements of, or carefully connected with, the K–12 grade-level and high school Standards for Understanding and Skills. Without consistent, explicit recommendations for the mathematical practices, it is unlikely that future assessments, and consequently instruction, will adequately address them. Mathematical Practices drive content and instruction!
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