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Tuklasin hiwaga nang Isabela

Diavonicah Viernes

on 30 January 2015

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Golden Isabela
Queen Isabela
A young girl then with long curly hair
Never did I dream that one day I'd grow old
We could play in the grassy lawns on a hot summer's day
When rain was scarce then we all had to pray
Bubbling slowly towards the flooding drain
Walking from school in the fierce summer heat
Never complaining of the blisters on our feet
When dogs could run in the street so free
Pretty Sunday frock of cotton
Palanan, Isabela
Queen Isabela
This is my hometown, when I grew up I learned right from wrong
I learned that fire does not just burn houses but HEARTS as well.
It is where I learned that family is the biggest example of love
It is where I went from girl to a woman
I say hometown is the only place where REAL LOVE is.
Astonishing places that I've traveled
The hidden beauty makes your mind tangled
People are wearing smile as sign of respect
Mangan tayo! :)
It is a paradise that everyone's hailed
Rythm of the festival dance swayin" as they nailed.
Bambanti Festival
Pancit Cabagan
Young eyes so bright and oh so brown
But life was more simple and happy even though
I did have much and nothing grand to show
The years have past and we are all growing old
Forever in my memory, the girl with the long curly hair.
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