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Tesla S

No description

Sean Stevenson

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Tesla S

Battery Replacement Cost Conclusion Mileage & Charging Maintenance Tesla S Cost
and Specs $8,000 - 40kWh
$10,000 - 60kWh
$12,000 - 85kWh
"will provide you a new battery anytime after the end of the eighth year"
(Blanco, 2012) Annual Service Tesla S If you are driving 35 miles a day.
110v - 6 hours and 6 minutes
240v - 1 hour and 6 minutes
High power wall connector with 1 charger - 1 hour and 6 minutes
High power wall connector with twin chargers - 33 minutes (teslamotors.com) Length of Charge Tesla Service Stations Mobile repair service
Can diagnose problems remotely before
driving to the location
$1 per round-trip mile
$100 minimum charge
(Blanco, 2009) Tesla Rangers 4,642 Pounds
.24 Drag Coefficient
250 Patents
Staff Specifications Nema 5-16 is 110v and gives 5 miles of range per hour of charge.
Nema 14-50 is 240v and gives 31 miles of range per hour of charge.
Nema 6-50 is 240v and gives 31 miles of range per hour of charge.
Nema 10-30 is 240v and gives 18 miles of range per hour of charge.
Nema 14-30 is 240v and gives 18 miles of range per hour of charge. (teslamotors.com) Adapters In Conclusion Problems Self-opening door locks
Sticking sunroof
Software glitches
Fogged windshields
Faulty charge port doors
No regenerative braking in the cold Supercharging Stations Superchargers Nine stations are currently active.
Designed to give drivers a half charge in a half hour.
Convenient locations.
Gives 4.5 times more electricity then the twin chargers.(Reynolds, K. and teslamotors.com) $600 per year for routine service
Failure to pay the $600 will void the
Any visit to a non-Tesla shop will void
the warranty (Noland, 2012) Works Cited Cunningham, W. (2012). Tesla Model S first drive: Quiet satisfaction. Retrieved from Reviews.Cnet.com.
Markus, F. (2012). First Drive: 2012 Tesla Model S. Retrieved from MotorTrend.com.
Noland, D. (2013, Jan 28). Tesla model s: Glitches, quirks, and peccadilloes roundup. Retrieved from greencarreports.com
Blanco, S. (2009, Oct 13). Tesla introduces mobile service rangers, the geek squad for evs. Retrieved from green.autoblog.com
Noland, D. (2012, Oct 8). Tesla model s service contract: $600/year, or warranty voided. Retrieved from greencarreports.com
Blanco, S. (2012, Nov 30). Tesla adds replacement battery pack costs to price increase details. Retrieved from green.autoblog.com
Reynolds, K. (2013, Jan). Supercharge It: Long Distance driving in the Model S. Retrieved from motortrend.com Model S is offered with three battery options and All three batteries use: Performance and range will vary with: 1. driving conditions. 2. driving habits. 3. options. 4. vehicle condition. 3. safety. 2. thermal management. 1. automotive grade lithium-ion cells arranged for optimum energy density. Sources:
Motor Trend Battery Specs Battery cells have advanced lithium-ion chemistry.
Cells yield more than 20% improvement in energy density and 50% more energy output than the Roadster.
There are many suppliers for the battery cells, most notably Panasonic and Samsung.

(Voelcker, 2009. Cunningham 2010.) (Noland, 2013) (Tesla Motors, 2013) Battery Specs (cont.) The battery pack is composed of over 8000 battery cells (Roadster only had about 6800 cells).
Battery pack is very large, around 7ft long and 4ft wide, and is placed underneath the floor (Roadster pack was placed behind the seats). Contributes to decreased drag.

(Voelcker, 2009. Cunningham, 2010.) Pricing Quick Hits Works Cited (cont.) Any Questions? Voelcher, J. (2010, Mar 26). Tesla Model S: Technical Specs. Retrieved from greencarreports.com.
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Tesla Motors Company:''Optione and Pricing;Model S".2013. Retrieved from teslamoters.com Teslamotor.com
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