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Community Schools 101

No description

Tacsi Staff

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Community Schools 101

A Tulsa Area Community School Focuses on the Whole Child
Birth- 8 years/Early childhood

Health / health education

Family / community engagement

Youth development /
out-of-school time

Neighborhood development

Life-long learning

Mental health / social services
Community Service Council of Tulsa began developing a system of early care & education.
Focus on developing school/community partnerships.

1990's - 2000
Great progress in early childhood care & development
Growing commitment to health clinics & health promotion in schools


TACSI Resource Center provides leadership to create and sustain community schools that support academic success and strengthen
children, families, and communities
Information and Communication
Professional Development and Training
Community Capacity Building
Accountability and Results
Financial Support
A national movement
Community Schools :
Imagine a school where...
Early childhood learning and development opportunities are available so that children are ready to enter school.

There is a core instructional program with qualified teachers, challenging curriculum and high standards so that young people can succeed academically.

Learning bridges the gap between life and academics-in school and in out-of-school time so students are engaged and motivated to learn and be involved in their community.

Basic physical, social, emotional, and economic needs of young people and their families are met so students learn and thrive in stable, supportive environments.

There is mutual respect and effective collaboration between families and staff, so that families are actively involved with their child’s education.

The school and the community work together to find solutions so that communities are desirable places to live.

Imagine how a school like that would benefit you as an educator...

Tulsa Area Community School Initiative (TACSI) makes this dream a reality!
Traditional School

32 Tulsa community representatives attended the National Coalition for Community Schools Forum in Baltimore.
Twelve elementary schools began their own development of community schools.

The University of Oklahoma’s College of Education develops
an evaluation that is implemented to capture the impact of the TACSI community school model on student academic achievement.
2010 - Present
The TACSI network grows as more schools inquire and grow their community school by focusing on the needs of their students and their families

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