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Examples of Indirect characterization from Romeo and Juliet

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Nathalie delarosa

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Examples of Indirect characterization from Romeo and Juliet

Why The Nurse personality is Obnoxious
Act 2 , scene 5
"He's not the flower of courtesy but i warrant him gentle as a lamb"
The Nurse is judging Romeo and criticizes Juliet's choice and saying that he's basicly good enough for her
Effect on others
Act 2 , scene 5 , lines 30
"Do you not see me out of breath"
The Nurse in this scene is getting Juliet nervous and desperate , by stalling on what her and Romeo had talked about.

Act 2 , scene 5 , lines 55-60
"your love says...where's your mother"
The Nurse has a very thick spanish accent in the movie
She talks around the main point , and that makes her obnoxious
Act 2 , scene 5 , lines 50
"Lord how headaches . what a head i have ... oh my back ,my back"
The nurse is complaining how her head and back hurts , after talking to Romeo and repeats it to stall the main point
Act 2 , scene 5 , line 17
"Peter stay at the gate"
The nurse as a servant and she's bossing him around , like as if she was the head of the house"
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