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cats are awesome

J Gend

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of cats

cats are awesome cats cats pure when they're happy I LOVE CATS Cats are lovable They rub up against you when they want love. There are different types of cats Here are some pictures! Here is a cat chart They also cuddle with you Cats play funny FAVORITES MAINE COON CAT MY FAVORITE TYPES OF CATS Persian cat Birman cat YOU DONT HAVE TO KEEP TAKING THEM OUTSIDE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! CATS CAN USE A LITTER BOX CATS USE EVERY SENSE IN THEIR BODY WHEN THEY SLEEP DID YOU KNOW???? Sometimes a mother doesn't do its job of taking care of its kittens!!!!!!! One of my cats would tip over glass cups on the counter to get us up out of bed because he wanted to play Cats can be real big BRATS Also another one of my cats got pregnant and had five kittens, and when the kittens wanted milk she would just keep walking away ,dragging them along!! My cat Molly, an outside cat and part wild, would leave presents at my door step a part of a half eaten lizards and frogs! (she could kill a squirrel!) Cats are generous in a wierd way. IN MY WHOLE LIFE TIME I'VE HAD 11 CATS INFO ABOUT MY CATS. MY CATS NAMES ARE MOLLY, SADEY, LILLY, LUPER, MIA, ANGEL, NIKKY, BEAUTY, TOBY, POPEY, AND ANOTHER LUPER. All of my cats have had a very interesting sense of humor Pictures of FLUFFY cats My cat right now is the second Luper They're so FLUFFY i'm gonna DIE!! My cat right now. I got him a couple weeks ago, he got used to my house pretty fast He is very cute, when you pet him he goes onto his stomache and flippes to the other side and vise versa. He spills his water on purpose He tries to chase the water down the toilet He likes playing in the shower He sounds like an elaphant when he plays My cat Molly was an outside cat, later she got chased into the woods by my friends dog. We found her in a barn when she was a kitten, neglected by her home, so we took her in. Ill tell you a little bit about all of my cats My cat Sadey had some problems, she was blind and she peed in my moms sink, later we had to take her to a no kill shelter. My cat Lilly, well i can't remember much about her, but when my family and I were moving to Maine my dad was staying behind to get things that wouldn't fit all ready. He said that he would bring Lilly with him, next thing you know he gave her to someone else. (To be continued) My cat Mia was a BRAT, she would cuddle with in bed then next thing you know shes biting my nose! We got her at a shelter, but when she had kittens she started flipping out so, we had to bring her to a shelter. The first Luper we fouund in Maine under this persons porch in the middle of Winter, with another cat. We called her, Gippsey. Luper was the only one who came on the house after a couple days. When i was moving to Florida we couldn't take him along. My kittens, we didn't have them long so I can only tell you that they were cute and funny, My point is, cats are awesome. You never know what a cat will do! Cats are so cute, soft, funny, brats, and sometimes really stupid. Lastly, I will show you a video.
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