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maddie harmon

Stock project

Mrs Feeney

on 9 August 2010

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Transcript of maddie harmon

Stock Project The stock symbol for vans inc. is VFC The stock symbol for Vans inc. is VFC. The stock symbol for Honda is HMC. Maddie Harmon
period 4 The reason i picked Honda was because my dad works there. I picked Vans as one
of my companies
because i really
like their shoes. I LIKE PIE i like pie i like pie HONDA Honda makes 93.1 billion dollars a
year. Vans Inc. The reason i picked Vans as one of my companies was because i think they have some very nice clothing and other things.
I I LIKE PIE Honda is the largest car company in the world. The president is Takanobu
Itoand the the headquarters
are in Minato, Tokyo, Torrance, and
another place in california. Honda makes cars, motorcycles,
and other Power sports equwment. What i would change about this project
is that i would make it so we did all the data and
presitation stuff in a row.

my favorite part was learning how to use prezi.
if you ever try to invest look and i think you should do more reasearch then i did. Vans sell Jeanwear, outerwear, packs,
footwear,sportswear, and occupaional appeeral
catagories. VANS corp runs many companies such as
lee riders
North face
Eagle creek
7 for all mankind
* also many other companies. My first company was Honda.
Honda in my opion did not do much and I think I lost a lot of money and that was not good. My second company was Vans inc.
Vans was my company that did very well and
made me a bunch of money. VANS corp started as a glove and mitten manufacturing company they started out with $11,000 and 320- square foot factory.
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