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smart house

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ines s

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of smart house

Smart Houses What is a smart house ? A smart house is a house that has highly advanced automatic systems for :
Window and door operations
Many other functions Smart houses in the world
Idea of smart house: since 1930s
1960 : the built of the first « wired homes »
The development of ECHO IV in 1966
First Smart home catalog in 1992 by
 Joe Dada and David Tan
Smarthome.com, a subsidiary of SmartLabs First smart house in the world Smart House : For young or old people ? Old people Young people
5D films
Smart Games (augmented Reality)
Complex audio- video system
Mobile controlled houses (heating, cooling)
To monitor health and well-being
To link with service providers(nursing..)
Treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion
More easy and comfortable life Smart house : Exterior view Garage The lighting system is on while the garage detects the entering of a car
People should not be afraid if the garage door is going to stay open or not because there is an automatic closure
there is a control system that help to operate the auto park Garden Automatic control of :
Use of compost
Control of the sprinklers, set them based on the used weather
Notify the user when there is a problem Swimming pool Security Automatic cleaner
Automatic heater
Pool alarm to protect children
Automatic control of lightening
Automatic filtration to remove pollutants,
Automatic disinfection to kill infectious microorganisms Select and watch cameras live from an Internet source to their home or business
Include motion sensors that will detect any kind of unauthorized movement
Notify the user through the security system or via cell phone
Intrusion Detection:
Motion sensors
Magnetic contact sensors for doors/windows
Glass break detectors
Pressure sensors
Detection of fire , gas leaks and water leaks
Medical alert / TV-Assistance
Precise and safe blind control Smart house : Interior view Living room Bedrooms Kitchen Bathrooms Everything works with vocal commands
The TV knows exactly what your preferred programs are
The TV is shut down when the owner is asleep and could give him suggestion ,“go to bed”
according to the external light there is an automatic curtains closure To display and change images along the walls
To open automatically the curtains in the morning
To Check out vital stats of your health To demonstrate step-by-step instructions to prepare the meal.
The food is automatically cooked for the required length of time.
The food can be cooked while the inhabitant is not around
To keep the dish cool until the preset cook time Temperature regulator
Hot water within seconds
Mp3 player, TV, and phone
Light settings controller inside according to your mood.
Automatic door closing system 
Toilet: self-sanitizes using Steam and UV. No more dirty toilet seats.
Automatic flush for toilets Anticipations

Talking and communicating House
Baby sitting House
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