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Public Hearing in the matter of Generation License Applicat

No description

Raja Usman

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Public Hearing in the matter of Generation License Applicat

Public Hearing in the matter of Generation License Application of Bahria Town Electric Supply Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (BESCO)
Project & Salient Technical and Financial Features
BESCO plans to install 2 x 5 MW Coal Water Slurry (CWS) fired Power Plants at Phase-iv & Phase-viii & 100,000 Tons/Year CWS Manufacturing Facility at Garden City Bahria Town Rawalpindi.
Total Project Cost: 12.932 MUS$
Equity : 100%
RoE: 10% (18% allowed by NEPRA for local Coal)
Projected Tariff: 9.24/KWh
Requested Tariff: C3 (TOD) for Peak & off Peak hours (9.21/Kwh)
Project Life: 30 Years
Auxiliary Loses: 7%
Contract Capacity with Aux: 2x 4.650 MW
Time Line: 12 months after issuance of Generation License
Fuel: Coal Water Slurry
Coal Source: Local indigenous Coal from Salt Range
Total O & M : 3% of Capital Cost (80% fix O&M- 30% variable O&M)
Insurance: 1.35% of Capital Cost
Over all Efficiency: 30%
Heat Rate : 11380 Btu/KWh
Fuel Price : Rs.6.68/KWh
(The Generation is limited up to Synchronizing Panel )
Submission for Petition
Submission for the award of Generation License, in no way related to award of Distribution License Petition pending in honorable IHC. We confirm that we have no intention of becoming third party in the petition
To cater for the electricity shortfall of 15000 units of Bahria Town, with a growth rate of 30%. Electricity demand 38 MW to 260 MW over next 15 years.
The power generation will offset load on National Grid & IESCO service territory (Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum, & 14 Grids AJK) Demand: 1468MW, Supply:927MW Shortfall: 541 MW (36.85%). IESCO has no concrete plan/infrastructure to meet requirement.
100% investment from own resources . RoE claimed at 10% against 18% allowed by NEPRA. Tariff requested at C3 (TOD) for Peak & off-Peak. Presently meeting the shortfall requirement with Diesel Generation at 28/KW
As per Rule 5 (1) NEPRA Generation Rule (the Rules) the activity of Generation is a non-exclusive activity
The worthy Authority is humbly requested in the larger interest of the 15000 units of Bahria Town in particular and in the best interest of the entire Nation for setting up a bench mark for utilizing local indigenous coal in energy sector to please award Generation License to Bahria Town Electric Supply Company (Pvt.) Limited. I assure the worthy Authority that if the Generation License is granted, this land mark decision will be the beginning of a revolution in the offing which will change the entire socio economic condition of Pakistan. INSHA ALLAH”
Case Presented by:
Salman Qaisrani
B.Sc. (Engg.) M.Sc. (Engg) PGD (Project-Mgmt) PMP. PE
Energy Consultant
Projected Operation
Projected Operation at Grid
Coal Water Slurry Combustion Technology
Coal water slurry (CWS) is a mixture of water and coal. Coal is first pulverized to a certain degree typical size of less than 50 microns, mixed with water according to proportion with a little additive to form coal water after strong agitation.

Coal Water Slurry fuel (CWS) was initially developed in Russia about 80 years ago and developed in 1950s in Europe. Low oil prices and huge oil reserves discovered led to a complete stagnation in CWS development. In 2000 the program was started in China to meet the Beijing Olympics environmental challenges.

Usage-Russia : 8 Million Ton, China : 10 million Ton, India: 1 Million Ton, USA: 5Million Ton, China to increase CWS Production to 15 Million Ton by 2015, USA Planning afoot to produce 30 million tons by 2020 to reduce FO by 27 Million ton (25%). Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa.

CWS as an advanced clean coal technology is an ideal oil-replaced fuel because it can be conveniently and cleanly stored , transported atomized and burned like oil. CWS can be transported in a large amount of 5~10Mt/a through a long distance of 500~1000km.

CWS is prepared from local indigenous coal with high moisture content . And the flame temperature in CWS combustion is lower by 100~150℃ than that in pulverized coal combustion. Thus, the pollutants emissions of fly ash, Sox and Nox is low in CWS combustion. High Combustion efficiency of 99%++ .
CWS Environmental Impact
(NEQ Standards)
Coal Water Slurry Combustion Technology
CWS can be burned in an oil-designed boiler with a little retrofitting work in a short period. CWS is especially suitable for the plant which is lack of space to install coal pulverizing and coal store field.

CWS Energy Charges + Capacity Charges ranges from Rs.8 to 11 per KWh and the equivalence cost of CWS in comparison to furnace oil is Rs.17000 -18000/MT.

More than 100 Thermal Power Plants (New & Retrofitted) to CWS Technology are working successfully in China from Last 10 years

Our technology occupy most of CWS combustion market in China
(Share >95% market for >65t/h CWS boiler)

Newly built or retrofitted CWS-fired boiler by ZJU is over 70.(Max:670t/h)

Power station boiler: >30,
Industrial boiler: >20,
Kiln furnace:>20
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