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Affiliate Marketing Using e-Mail

Affiliate Profits' 'Tools & Training Resource' shows how Online Affiliate Marketing & Web Traffic methods can be the best start to legitimate On-line profits!

Timothy Burkhart

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Affiliate Marketing Using e-Mail

What Is Affiliate Marketing Using e-Mail?
KomPozer or WordPress
Free Web site & Blog creator programs
(both free!)





A Catchy Web domain name

e.g. www.YourWebDomain.com


) ~ (

Web hosting account

where you can create & manage your Website



A reliable e-Mail Auto-responder

mass e-mail manager & scheduler

) ~ (
) ~ (
An e-mail training series

or other actionable follow-up e-mail series




) (
Google.com -?
A valuable (worthwhile) incentive

to exchange for visitor's contact info

) ~ (

- Special Offers
Constructive time to learn more

Learn how to you can get started now

free, low-cost)
Using e-Mail Overview:
Build Solid Marketing Relationships that Can Last for Months - or Even Years to Come!
Use Leadership Skills and "Gift" Incentives to Acquire Leads & Promote Your Offers Using A Website, e-Mails & an Auto-responder!
Consistently Create Value for All Your e-Mail 'List' Members - So They Stay Members!
Provide Excellent Customer Service w/ Ethical Web Traffic Methods, as this is of up-most Key Importance for Long-lasting Success!
Research Your Ideal Prospect's Demographic Characteristics (lifestyle, habits etc.)
When starting out, unless you can easily afford paid traffic methods, you would likely be spreading the word about your affiliate (or other) offers through the use of automated mass e-mails and Social/ other media outlets across the Internet (called "Web Traffic").

Ideally, you will drive your referrals back to your Website, where they can learn more about your offer - and its
market. Use calls-to-action (CTA's) to entice them into making a purchase ...

Strive to inform, educate, and entertain... This is what your 'list' members
deserve - and

Create immense value for your subscribers... occasionally offering related incentives and free specials - keep their interest at peak ...

Remember, also, that you are talking to a person and not a "list". Treat your subscribers like a friend, and they just may ...do the same back?

Join an Affiliate program or Network
Pick a High-Profit-Potential Product
Grab Your Tracked Web 'Affiliate' Link
Link leads referrals to Offer Sales Page
Entice People to Buy using Your Link
Get Paid a huge %
of the Sale Price
Refer Buying Customers & Get Paid!
Help to Promote Other's Offers Online!
Earn potentially huge sums of money!
Your affiliate link is tracked
back to your account with this product vender, so that
get paid!
Get paid for referring anyone who purchases using your tracked link
Find and refer
anyone interested through Web Traffic tactics - and what is called "pre-selling". You will 'pre-sell', while the product vendor's sales page will do the final selling
45%-75% of the sale price
is typical payout for digital products like e-books (.pdf), videos, audio files (.mp3), software, and other downloadable digital media (aka "information")
4%-15% is typical
payout for physical products! Examples of physical products Online can include Amazon.com, Overstock.com, BestBuy.com, Walmart.com & more
Bare-bones essential
Tools & Getting Started
Resource Checklist
(All price points are estimates)
Where does your ideal prospect hang out - On-line
What's the average age range of your prospective customer?
What does your prospective customers enjoy, dislike, avoid?
Does she/he have a college education, kids, a car, or a home?
Does she/he have money to spend, is she or he ready to buy?
Affiliate Marketing
Quick Intro & Overview
Use http://Quantcast.com & http://Alexa.com,
for initial research. Or, simply search Google for related 'forums', or 'discussion boards', and visit other people's blogs, social groups, etc., to get to know your prospective customers.
Upon Visiting http://Quantcast.com, type in the
URL of any competing site(s). You'll get a full demographic profile of your audience, and their On-line behaviors. Alexa is another popular and trusted demographics research tool.
Look, and be active in 'forums',
'discussion boards'
related to your product. Just do a Google search for "forums+
". Also, discover your market and ideal prospects while contributing on "Ask" sites, such as Ask.com.

Feel free to contact us with your questions -
any commentary -
Know your customer's demographic characteristics so you can more easily meet their needs.

Your objective is to provide a solution to their problem, or to fulfill a pressing want or need.

... so, do your research to learn about your customers and what you can do for them. Get to know things like:
To effectively promote your affiliate offers you must first know your market:

Membership Offer
-Navigate using the arrows below-
-Click or scroll to zoom in & out-
We encourage all our guests check with their local and state governments for important information about running a legitimate and sustainable business. Know the laws & regulations of running a business Online. Learn more by visiting:
We do not offer legal nor professional advice
Also, see our ~>
To learn how you can get started SUPER-Fast, join us at
Be Ware of Affiliate Programs that require you pay them in order to join.
getting paid to promote for
Or, search Google for "best (free?) market research tools", "best demographic & ad targeting tools", etc.
Join Our
Thanks for your valuable time!
Promote your offers freely - but don't "over-promote". Instead, combine your offers with helpful related tools and tips, such as resourceful shortcut reports, how-to articles, training videos and other info-media etc. 'How-to's' are a great resource to provide! Give them solutions to their very problem, their desires and their needs - providing superior customer service and support. Help solve their problems.

Your automated e-mails series will ideally suit to inform, educate - and certainly, even entertain your e-mail "list" (of subscribers). Every 3-5 emails or so, while providing
value, you can feel safe beginning to subtly introduce, then promote your affiliate offers. Provide
value to "over-deliver". Be helpful, kind and assisting, and cater to customer service - key to long-term success.

By providing this extra value up-front, you are reinforcing their interest in you, your brand and your offer. You truly don't want to blatantly promote your offers to your list ... after all, your affiliate profits should be the reward for providing high value and quality service... not for being annoying. They are putting their trust in you and your service - and in what you can do for them. This is Key to real affiliate profits.
Join Our newsletter
and get your
List Building Tutorials for Newbies!
" A
video training series showing you a step-by-step walk-through on creating an e-mail marketing campaign from start to finish!

You also get
instant access
to our
Affiliate-Profits' Crash Course -
delivered over seven
days straight to your inbox! This crash course is a complete mini-series created with the Affiliate Marketing start-up in mind.

For more helpful

free & low-cost
money-making tools, tips & training on subjects in Affiliate Marketing & Web Traffic, visit us anytime by following the link below. Thank-you for reading this - - have a nice day

... Welcome
Grab Your
Affiliate Link
Leading To Your Chosen Product's Sales Page
Tips for
Promoting Your Offers
'Like a Pro'
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