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joey pigza

a book about a kid and a crazy life story

noel tomlinson

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of joey pigza

chapter 1 in this chapter of Joey pigza. he was wondering about how his life would be when he spends his time with his dad. (which I think is divorced with his mom).So he annoyed his mom. by asking so much questions (like this: what if they don't like pizza)in the car ride.He has a dog named Pablo who threw up on the radio,(which means the radio is ravaged now)so they stuffed him into the car cabinet for the rest of the car ride. Joey pigza loses control chapter1-6 main characters in the story joey,mom,dad,pablo,and grandma setting:in the house chapter 2 In this chapter Joey is playing with rocks and on accident hits something of his neighbors.they came to complain so he starts playing with darts and on accident hits Pablo in the ear.So he tells his mom and she gets really angry.He tries to put an earing on him,and his mom said "no" but he still tries to so he got his mom really annoyed so he calmed down a bit.Joey got a weird feeling in his stomach.He thinks that is why she is going to spend his summer with his dad. setting:in carter's house chapter 3 Joey Pigza finally met his dad and grandma and his mom told him (or whispered):"if anything goes wrong...CALL ME".So she gave him quarters worth 5 dollars. (just a guess).She kissed him on the cheeks and drove away.The dad wanted to show Joey this adventure park that was so messed up.(like,broken and all that).Joey really did not like it at all but he just played along. chapter 4 chapter 5 Joey's grandma needed a air gas tank.So she went downstairs and got one.Joey woke up and came out of bed and he couldn't find Pablo.He asked his grandma and she said"5 bucks and I'll tell you".He agreed because he didn't want to lose Pablo.she told him to check the TV cabinet.He left and checked.He saw Pablo whimpering and watching TV show simultaneously.Joey wanted to call his mom,so he asked his dad and he said yes.Joey went to the telephone pole and put a quarter in.He had a brief conversation with her.(you know,a regular conversation with your mom).He said that everything is OK.Joey's mom said that carter has been drinking secretly.(so he is not very stalwart).So once he calls about that she will pick him up in a snap of a finger. chapter 6 In this chapter of Joey pigza. Joey is not getting along with his grandma and she tells him that then dad is never this nice(which means the dad is only nice when Joey is at the house).at first Joey did not believe her but then he became scared because he did not know if those times were going to happen.(when his dad would get really angry).So he was thinking if he should call his mom so she can pick him up and drive him back home.(but he did not want to,in his mind. conclusion and that is my prezi about Joey pigza. Joey's dad really wanted to have a cigarette.(just like his grandma).he took off one of his patches from his shoulder and joey saw a big death-skull tattoo.It was really creepy to him because it was grotesque.Joey's grandma smoking a lot so she has this disease and carter(Joey's dad) repetitively tells her to stop but she does not care.she just says this:"I am already old". the end!! setting:in Joey's moms car setting:in carter's house setting:in carter's living room (or kitchen) setting:in carter's house and at a telephone pole
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