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CCC for New Employees 112213

No description

Ryan Theule

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of CCC for New Employees 112213

...so what's the take-away message?
Welcome to College of the Canyons!

Consider your CCC-related program review items.
Reach out to CCC staff if you need data or assistance in coordinating your initiatives
Familiarize yourself with EFMP data
Keep this part of District operations on your radar!
Learn about the resources available on campus
Drop in and say hello!
New Employee
educational and facilities master plan
program review
the future beckons!
sixth year of operation

15-25% of District FTES

student headcount is growing

sections offered on campus are increasing

community and campus events are fueling campus culture and partnerships

instructional and student services areas are innovating

purposeful and exciting planning is ongoing!
What's Happening at CCC?
rich data highlighting a thriving campus
Student and Enrollment Changes
Applied Technology Education Center
Campus Innovations and Accomplishments
Let's learn about this District facility and how it's growing!
permanent buildings
Careful Planning
let's explore these in more depth
Community Open House Celebration
A Big Anniversary Last Year (2012-2013)
Star Parties
Events and Partnerships
Graduates Breakfast
Department Chairs' Retreat
Division Deans' Retreat
Chancellor's Office Hours
Grounds and Facilities Updates
Welcome Week
Applied Technology Education Center Improvements
Plumbing IDRC Grant
SCV School Trustee's Meeting
CTE Advisory Groups
Club Rush
Candidate Meet and Greet
ASG Student Officer Elections
CCC Program Review and Action Item Planning
New Leadership
Instructional and Campus Planning
Expanded Service Hours
Local Merchant's and Community Groups
"Celebrating Five Years" Publication
"Reflections" Flyer
and Website Feature
Staff/Family Night - Spring 2013
Chamber Mixer
FLEX Days at CCC
Classified Appreciation Breakfast
growth of outdoor research garden
quad-6 landscaping and new classrooms
remodeled student lounge with new dell/mac stations
food operations by Canyons Cafe
enhanced campus data/servers
growth of lab and computing spaces
Partnerships & Outreach
Campus Communications
SCIENCE BLDG 1 and a planetarium / science center
ongoing data-based analysis of best programming for ccc facilities
investigation and implementation of accelerated and cohort learning concepts at ccc
growth of CTE programs and environmentally-suited instruction
Job Fair and Resume Rally
Community Tours
emergency operations and incident command preparations
...imagine a "Cougar Dome" planetarium!
...a permanent science building with new labs!
...expanded parking!
...countless dept/program initiatives
...more community gathering spaces
gardens events (scv community grant, lectures, community extension)
outreach with local merchants and community groups
school district outreach, career events, tours, cte
community events like job fairs, star parties, open house
environmental sciences / sustainability initiatives
growth of ATEC/CTE disciplines
expansion of tutoring hours and subjects
research garden and gardens of the canyons campus committee
advisory committees & industry collaboration
addition of reentry and veterans' services on campus
increasing utilization of drop-in, appointment, and online services / expanding hours
retention/success rates nearly identical between campuses
robust student life activities
vibrant website, social media, and newsletter communication
featured cc magazine articles and frequent pio press releases
website features FAQs, tutorials, mycanyons, and learning lab links for students
robust planning with division deans and dept chairs
Blood Drives
just-in-time training for CTE students
general education bundles and learning communities
programming and offerings based on student need
accelerated developmental and remedial coursework
condensed delivery formats
meeting transfer model completion agenda
achieving job training and completion agendas
Instructional Highlights
College of the Canyons

2007 to the Present
and Beyond!
Community Outreach
Regular Newsletters
District Website
Social Media
On-Campus Communication
Student Feedback Forms
Canyon Country "on everyone's desk"
CCC is growing!
...and promoting
and new opportunities
student achievement
...involved in the
out to students!

Ryan Theule
Tips for Staff/Faculty
Staff parking
Lot 4 is located next to Quad 2. Additional staff parking is available in Lot 3 as well as along the upper road to the east of Quads 3-5.
Mailboxes are located in Room 502A. If you teach only at the Canyon Country Campus, your mailbox will be here. If you teach at both the Valencia and Canyon Country Campuses, your mailbox will be at the Valencia Campus
You may pick up your keys in Room 502A at the Switchboard. Call x3801 for assistance.
Reprographics: Services are located in Room 502A. To send an electronic file to reprographics, please email cccrepro@canyons.edu.
Tech Support:
Computer support services are located in room 205. If you need technical support using your classroom technology, please call extension 3533.
Student Services:
Visit Quad-1 for assistance with rosters, adds/drops or other student services or call x 3900. Familiarize yourself with the variety of student support services available on campus. You may also wish to briefly highlight them to your students or include them in your syllabus.

Library and TLC:
The TLC is located in Room 306 and the Library is located in Room 307. A private Test Proctoring Center (part of the TLC) is available in 305A. The TLC provides math, English and computer tutors free to students. Students may also complete supplemental learning activities at the TLC.
Food Service and Supplies:
Canyons Café provides quality coffee and food service from its building located on Cougar Way. The campus vending room is located in Room 303. This room is open during all campus hours. In addition, there are vending machines dispensing snacks and beverages throughout the campus.

School supplies such as Bluebooks, Scantrons, paper, pens and pencils are available in vending machines staffed in room 303 and in Quad 7. Bluebooks and Scantrons are also available for sale in the Student Business Office in Quad-1C. The Bookstore at the Valencia campus is available to all students as well.
Faculty Drop-In Office Space:
Private offices for full-time faculty members are available in Building 600, assigned by Academic Senate.There are also drop-in cubicles for faculty teaching at the Canyon Country Campus located in room 507 and additional computing stations available in room 205.

Campus Safety:
District Safety offices are located in Quad 7. If you need to contact District Safety, please call extension 3977 or contact the switchboard for assistance. In the event of an emergency dial “77” to reach Switchboard on a priority line.
Remodeled "MPR" Space on Campus in Quad-7
Recent Developments
Fall Festival and Movie Under the Stars Event
Careers in the Green Workshops
CTE Advisory Committees
EconDev Activities - Worksource, ETI, SBDC
Celebrating the Humanities Lecture
Expanded Course Offerings
Friday, November 1st, 2013
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
At College of the Canyons - Canyon Country Campus

Free Fun for the Whole Family
Pumpkins, face-painting, live music, and crafts
Expo of College and Community Resources
Featuring E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the big screen!
OCTOBER 23, 2009: Tom Falconer (adjunct) - Orientation to the Night Sky and Earth's Moon
MAY 21, 2010: Tom Falconer (adjunct) and John Sepika (adjunct/JPL) - Star Gazing in SCV
OCTOBER 15, 2010: David Ciardi (NASA/CalTech) - Finding Planets, Dr. Kevin Grazier - Jupiter
OCTOBER 21, 2011: David Michaels (faculty) - Jupiter "Attracts"
MAY 4, 2012: Matthew Wallace (JPL) - Curiosity Mars Rover
OCTOBER 19, 2012: Dr. Steve B. Howell (NASA) - The NASA Kepler Mission and Recent Exoplanet Discoveries.
May 3, 2013: Dr. Gerard van Belle (Lowell Observatory) - Optical Interferometry
32,289 unique students at CCC since 2007 (9/4)
CCC Then/Now
o 2011FA: 268 sections, avg 1.61 seat/stu
o 2012FA: 291 sections, avg 1.78 seat/stu
o 2013FA: 315 sections, avg 2.01 seat/stu
FactBook: Participation rates –
In Canyon Country, about 62 people for every 1,000 adults attend COC (highest in the Valley)
2013FA faculty information (approximation)
o 172 instructors at CCC
 63 teach at both campuses (37% of CCC faculty)

109 teach only at CCC (63% of CCC faculty)

o 497 instructors at VLC
 63 teach at both campuses (13% of VLC faculty)
 434 teach only at VLC (87% of VLC faculty)

o 606 unique faculty across District for Fall:
 63 at both campuses (10% of overall 2013FA faculty)
 434 only at VLC (72% of overall faculty)
 109 only at CCC (18% of overall faculty)

• Other 2013FA Factoids:
o CCC seats are 28% of VLC seats
o CCC seats are 19% of overall enrollment

Everything but the kitchen sink!
Some facts about CCC...
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