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Online Game Rubric

No description

Talia Diaz

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Online Game Rubric

Synonym Toast
Design Elements
Talia Diaz
Charlene Dy
Angelica Gabriel
Anita-Anne Ulloa
Online Game Rubric
3- Excellent
2- Fair
3- Excellent
Critical Thinking
3- Excellent
Differentiated Learning
3- Excellent
3- Excellent
Thank you for listening!
One main objective with no multiple activities.
Game progresses as the player is tasked to pair multiple words with similar meanings.
The content is age appropriate
ELA core standard applicable to 5th graders
Visual Learning
Students read the words on the toast
Learning how to read and comprehend faster
Auditory learning
Sounds of the game contribute to learning
Game buzzes when the student is wrong
Dings when a bonus is achieved.
Students need to synchronize hand movement and reading
Words are lost when not clicked in time
Learn how to work efficiently against the clock
Score decreases when answer in wrong
Game can reward students with bonuses
Gives student a positive ranking
First time players will be unaware of the word changes
The words fall too fast.
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