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The 3 Sacraments

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Ruby Walsh

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of The 3 Sacraments

How Does Baptism help People share in the gift of God?
Baptism helps people share the gift of God as the parents are passing down the blessing of the welcome to God's family to their children or child. This can also bring the family a step closer as they are now near in the family of God. The oil helps to remove original sin which clenses the baby or person and the water clenses the baby.
Baptism is the first stage of the Sacraments. Usually Baptism happens when the person is a baby but anyone can receive baptism at any time as it is the first welcoming in God's family. Baptism removes the baby or person from original sin and they receive sanctifying grace, the life of God within our souls and body. The oil is received first before the holy water and is placed on the forehead with a cross motion. The oil and water is the symbol of Baptism. The gifts and graces are
1. The removal of sin and guilt.
2. Removal of all sin of punishment
3. Entrance into the mystical body.
Communion is the second stage of the Sacraments. Communion introduces the last supper as it is the first time to receive the bread and wine. Communion is the best sacrifice for respect to remember what Jesus did for us. Communion is a very reverent time for everyone and is a well respected and thankful time. Communion is the word for 'sharing' just like breaking the bread and sipping the wine together. The word comes from king james and is a greek word. The Latin Root is com-mun is meaning participation by all. The graces are the body and blood of Jesus as we are having the last supper. It is also known as the sacrament of Thanksgiving. In the Eucharist/ Communion You receive the body and blood of christ. Which is also known as the bread and wine. The loaf of bread is the staple food of spiritual and physical life. Then the wine is the blood covenant of Jesus. We are replenished by God and Christ.
How does Communion Help People share in the Gift Of God?
Communion helps as everyone is together and shares around the bread and wine. The people aren't only sharing with their friends and family but also Jesus and God. Also It's a time to be grateful for all that Jesus had done for us and his last night. The Eucharist also helps those in need.
The Sacraments of Initiation
A sacrament is a stage in which brings a person a step closer into the church community also known as God's family. The sacraments are: Baptism,Communion and Confirmation. These are the sacraments of initiation. They are very special stages and are sacred to be part of the Family and are very important. Back in the early church the three sacraments were celebrated at the same ceremony. The Sacrament comes from the latin word Sacramentum. In The Roman times it meant an oath of allegiance made by soldiers to their commander and the Gods of Rome which envolved a religious ceremony in a sacred place.
The 3 Sacraments
The Sacrament of Initiation
Baptism Symbol
Holy Communion Symbol
Confirmation Symbol
How does Confirmation help people share in the gift of God?
Confirmation is the last sacrament of initiation and is meaning for the person to be finally confirmed into God's family and the church community. Normally if a child receives thei communion at school, they can have their confirmation at the age of eight to their early teens. Normally for the confirmation ceremony the person doing their confirmation would normally wear white as it represents purity from sin. Some symbols would be fire which would represent Gd's purifying presence. The dove is also the presence of the holy spirit which is why the dove is white because the Holy Spirit purfies.
It helps share the gift of God because it is welcoming the person into God's family and the church community who that person can have the closest relationship with God. The graces received in Confirmation are strengthening for cowardice for face to face opinions and the fearfulness of sacrafice.
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