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Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider lesson 4

No description

Samantha Mangin

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider lesson 4

Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider
Give me the gist!
With your triad, determine the "gist" of each section in your article "Hawaii's Happy Face Spider." Use your note-catcher to write down the gist of each section!
Learning Targets
I can explain the "gist" of "Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider".

I can determine the meaning of new words from context in the article "Hawaii's Happy Face Spider."

Theridion grallator
—the Latin name for happy face spider

: extinction
—when a type of living thing does not exist anymore; not a single one of its kind remains on the planet

—a specific type of something (plant or animal; living thing)

—animal life in general
What did we learn about the Rainforest?
How was reading closely with a group different from doing it alone? What helped or supported your understanding of the text?”
What should we add to the "L" part of our KWL chart?
Imagine that you were the scientist studying the happy face spider in the rainforest. In your journal, write a descriptive paragraph about the spider for people who are not in the rainforest to see it themselves.
Words To Add to Scientific Word Glossary
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