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Story Elements (Mulan)

7 period Ms. Magee

Jelani Bailey

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Story Elements (Mulan)

Characters - Mushu, Fa Mulan, Fa Zhou, Chi-Fu, General Li, The Emperor of China, Chien-Po, Fa Li, Grandmother Fa, First Ancestor Fa, The Matchmaker, Shan Yu, Ling, Khan, Li Shang, Yao Setting - Ancient China Antagonist - The Mongols (The Huns) and Shan Yu Protagonist - Fa Mulan Problem The Mongols invade China. Story Elements
By: Jelani Bailey Mulan Mood Exciting And Suspenseful Point of View 3rd/1st Conflict Man vs. Man Exposition Mulan's father, Fa Zhou, want to go to war against the Mongols for China. Unfortunately, he is old ,and also during a late night training, he injures himself the day before being swore in to the war. Mulan want to take the initiative to fight instead of her father. The only problem is she is a woman ,and women are strictly prohibited from fighting in war at this time in China. So now she must decide between the rules or family pride. Rising Action Mulan successfully pulls off getting into the army, but she is at risk of being exposed by her fellow soldiers and the notorious General Li Shang. Also she is not as prepared as she thought she would be for the intense training of the army. Slide 11 Slide 10 Slide 9 Slide 8 Slide 7 Slide 6 Mushu Slide 5 Slide 4 Slide 3 Slide 2 Slide 1 Climax (Middle) Slide 12 Mulan's luck is only for a short period, though. After getting an injury by Shan Yu, General Li comes to check on her and
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