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MHYC YouthBuild

No description

Mile High Youth Corps

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of MHYC YouthBuild

YouthBuild at MHYC In Conclusion Thank you for your attention! They go on to rock the world! And one more thing... YouthBuild empowers socially and economically disadvantaged young adults by providing them with many necessary resources to make monumental strides in their life. Affordable Housing Biggest Issues About YouthBuild Accomplishments of YouthBuild 2011-2012 Education living below the poverty line. Yet, only of those eligible to receive federal housing aid do.... The number is significantly higher for children . 15.1% - Americans (more than 1 in 5) Low-income students are as likely to drop out. 5x 2.4% of Asians/Pacific Islanders
3.2% of Whites
8.6% of African Americans
9.9% of Hispanics
10.1% of Native American 2010 Colorado Dropout Rates National Center for Education Statistics graduation rate in Denver Housing is affordable = lower income families pay 30-40% of its monthly income for housing. stable families
vibrant neighborhoods 58.8% Within 10 miles of Denver, the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $868. To be able to afford a typical two-bedroom apartment in Denver,
a person or family needs to earn at least $19.63 per hour
or more than $40,500 annually. of homeless in Denver are Homelessness of homeless are children. 25% Where do many of the rest live? The majority of these people could achieve stability if additional housing services were available. Poverty Leadership Development and Rise Up classes
Leadership roles Leadership Development Non-profit project
Middle school mentors
Presentations 514 units 140 GEDs 2 HS Diplomas YouthBuild Shop YouthBuild Classroom $33,764 Since 2003, YouthBuild Corpsmembers have earned of AmeriCorps Education Awards and constructed of affordable housing. 104 PACT Certificates Worksite Since 2003, YouthBuild CMs have earned: Practice new skills
Certification training
Detailed safety instruction Denver Housing Authority
Large scale affordable housing GED/HS Diploma instruction
Career and College Readiness Training (CRT) Diverse Lifeskills workshops
Service (PACE/Bessie's Hope) LEED sites: environmental construction practices
Subcontractors: diverse work a strong economy
a healthy region Affordable Housing is critical. It promotes: 50% families. 15% Specific curriculum including Leadership Development, Blueprint for Democracy and Rise Up
PACE and intentional service projects for leadership skills Leadership Development within YouthBuild
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