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What does it mean to be part of the

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Rachel Boyce

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of What does it mean to be part of the

What does it mean to be part of the
Good Shepherd community?

What are we on about?
• Christ-centred:
reflecting Christ’s selfless love, forgiveness and grace to us in our service to each other.
• Education:
of the whole child, spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially.
• Excellence:
stretching to reach our best possible selves and live satisfying and meaningful lives.
• Active, knowledgeable & compassionate:
empowered and motivated to employ knowledge, emotional and social intelligence to act wisely and in the best interests of others.

Selfless service:
reflecting Christ’s grace and recognizing that our own wellbeing is intimately tied to the wellbeing of others.
Where have we come from?
Primary School commenced with 18 students at Palmerston Campus
Commenced Middle School at Howard Springs (Yr 6/7/8/9)
Senior School commneced with Year 10
First Year 12 cohort (12 students)
Howard Springs Junior campus with ELC
Amalgamation with St Andrew Lutheran School (ELC-Yr6)
Three campuses, ELC-Year 12; over 1300 students
How are we governed?
The College is incorporated as the Good Shepherd Lutheran College NT Inc, and is managed under the auspices of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, (Howard Springs / Palmerston) congregation.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the parish of the Top End Lutheran Church, which is itself part of the Lutheran Church of Australia.
The College is governed by a College Board with representatives from both congregations and the College parent community
College Structure
3 Junior sub-schools (PC, HSC, SACL)
Good Shepherd Lutheran College is a
Christ-centred community

in a
environment, developing
active, knowledgeable and compassionate
students, encouraging them to
enrich our world
selfless service
3 Campuses
Howard Springs, St Andrew Leanyer, Palmerston
1 Middle and Senior Subschool (HSC)
College Executive
College Pastor
Business Manager
Head's of School (5)
Head of Studies
Head of Staff
Director of Development
Support Roles
PYP/MYP/NTCET Coordinators
Director of Positive Education
Year Level/House Coordinators (HS M/S Campus)
Pastoral Coordinators (PC/SACL)

Curriculum Overview
Junior Schools: Primary Years Program (PYP-IB)
PC: Authorised (2018 Evaluation)
SACL: Candidate (2016 Authorisation)
HSC: Authorised
Middle School: Middle Years Program (MYP-IB)
Authorised (2017 Evaluation)
Pastoral Care
An umbrella term encompassing our broad responsibility for the nurture, welfare and wellbeing of all members of the GSLC community. Enacted through formal programs and informal approaches to wellbeing and reflected in the nature of our attitudes, relationships, policies, procedures and priorities.
Wellbeing Programs
A combination of explicit wellbeing programs centred on nurturing individual and collective flourishing and the integration of wellbeing orientations, concepts and strategies into the broad spectrum of activities across the College where appropriate (implicit wellbeing approaches).
Opportunities for implied wellbeing approaches include subject classes, approaches to behaviour management, teacher development, teacher-student relationships and events such as sports days, camps etc.
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