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UMonline Prezi

No description

Riotta Scott

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of UMonline Prezi

UM Online is a comprehensive System-wide infrastructure for online teaching and learning accompanied by a full array of services and support for the unique needs of online students. online.umsystem.edu Prospective Student arrives at UM Online
and begins by
Searching the Catalog Student searches
for a course. Student views
a course
description. All of the student's courses are listed on MOGuide, regardless of the campus. Student adds
a course to the Planner Student begins the Sign-Up Process MOLIS will use this data to see if this student is already in the system. Tabs allow the student access to the LMS or associated eBooks. If MOLIS finds no record, the student is asked to choose a home campus. The fields on this page are common to all campus applications. The data collected here is forwarded to the home campus. MOGuide seamlessly integrates all aspects of the course. The student sees a confirmation page and is directed to proceed to the home campus. Once admitted, the student can log in to access his or her courses. Additional questions specific to the chosen campus may be added. When the student arrives at the home campus admissions form, the form has been pre-populated with data entered in the previous steps.
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