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4 Prezis, Batman and some music.

Multiple paths - Thanks to champ 'Roel' and others for the original idea - I have enhanced mine with selectable panels which can cover up areas of the Prezi. John

John Barlow

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of 4 Prezis, Batman and some music.

Press to phone...
Right arrow
Press the button
- go right arrow
To be continued...
Mouse Over to start music...
To use this Prezi please follow instructions
i.e continue, right arrow.

John @
Thanks to NASA and others
Ready for anything...
Sound On
This is an experiment in using more than one
Prezi in the same presentation using masking with sound control.

To zoom in to specific Prezi windows
click the ' ' frame, Enjoy!

Where's the lift I've gotta
get out of here...
Right arrow...
I'd better make that phone call
continue when you've seen enough...
Ghosts and ghouls practice
for Halloween
Space the final frontier
Mouse click & continue...
But we were not ready
for 3D video mapping!!

and dancing...
The Caped Crusader
Oh yes - I'll be seeing you soon...
Who will help those with
a need for a great presentation?
then contimue...
What's happening!!!
The Zombies get their teeth into something...
to stop
Mouse over to
Stop Music
Background Music: Kevin MacLeod

Flash Stuff: john@Skillsloft

Other animations from
'Hallowindows' Previews : See Youtube for more...

The End
I like Prezi
Watch out for nexts weeks enthralling episode

'The Powerpoint Returns'
He watches over Gotham City...
Mouse over here!!
Back to the drawing board

the Aliens had the edge...
Then continue...
Click to stop music
We knew we had the best dancers and music in the universe...
Leaving the world...

We have gone
up to reach space...
We have gone
up to reach space...
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