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Learning How to Learn

No description


on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn
Why are you at USA?
Final Tips for Success
Check your JagMail- every single day
Read all syllabi the day you get them
Create a time-line for completing your work
Use a calendar
Ask questions BEFORE you feel behind
When you feel behind, CHANGE your tactics
Receive a JagAlert? Act on it!
Use your money wisely
Make yourself job (and salary) ready
Be Curious!
Ask why
Moving Forward
Fork in the Road
Effective Learning Strategies
Always ask why, how,
and what if questions
"My choice, my responsibility, win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny." - Elaine Maxwell
Sample Study Session
Which path will you take?
What brought you
to this fork?
Have you been a victim or a creator?
Which will
you become?
"Excuses rob you of power and induce apathy." - Agnes Whistling Elk
"I do think the greatest lesson of life is that you are responsible for your own life." - Oprah Winfrey
Ask how
And how does
this relate to...
Ask what would
happen if I changed x
Think about thinking
Monitor and control
one's mental processing
Accurately judge one's
level of learning
Be consciously aware of oneself as a problem solver
Teach back
Spend time
every day
Work to solve problems without looking at an example or the solution

Use resources to
achieve 100% mastery
Memorize everything
you’re told to memorize
Aim for
100% mastery, not 90%
Didn't spend enough
time on the material
Missed classes
Didn't memorize
needed info
Did not use book
Assumed I
Didn't ask
for help
Didn't make
time for help
Why Do Students Earn Low Grades?
How do I take personal responsibility?
1-2 minutes
30-50 minutes
10-15 minutes
5 minutes
Set a Goal
Decide what you want to
accomplish in your study session
Study with Focus
Interact with material -
organize concept map,
summarize, re-read,
fill-in-notes, reflect, etc.
Reward Yourself
Take a SHORT break!
Call a friend,
play a game,
get a snack, etc.
Go over what you learned.
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