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V for Vendetta

Barbara, Maya, and Bre's Theory of Knowledge Presentation

Group Presentation

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta Plot Setting: Oppressive and Totalitarian Britain

V, a rebel with a vendetta against the government and a love of Guy Fawkes, rescues Evey Hammond from the secret police and then attempts to incite a rebellion through a remaking of Guy Fawkes' dream for the 5th of November by blowing up Parliament. Barbara Black
Bre Jones
Maya Flemming v Can Violence Ever Be Used For Good? Evey and Finch blow up Parliament to give the people hope and begin the Revolution V fights the Fingermen to save Evey's life V kills Chancellor Sutler and Party Leader Creedy to protect the rebels on the 5th of November Can Violence Be Used For Good? Are Actions More Powerful Than Words? V's Speech to the people Media Spin and Propaganda- Prothero Destruction of Parliament Torture of Evey Ways of Knowing Areas of Knowledge History
Human and Natural Science "Remember, Remember the 5th of November
The Gun Powder Treason and Plot..." Art 1812 Overture Natural Sciences Do Authorities Have The Right to Lie and Keep Secrets from the People? Lies about St. Mary's and Three Waters-- killed 100,000 History & Art Tchaikovsky Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Treason St. Mary's and Three Waters- McTeigue uses BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS to raise questions about political ethics Larkhill Detention Center- MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION on political prisoners raises questions about morality and scientific ethics
i.e. Dr. Delia Surridge V Used Lies to Strengthen Evey's Resolve and Character V Kept His Identity and Plans Secret to Protect Them Government Propaganda Used to Oppress and Create Fear Human Sciences Political Sciences
Questions Fascism and Censorship Psychology V's Torture and Evey's Torture show the Effects of Torture on the Mind Language V: What they did to me was monstrous.
Evey: And they created a monster. V: The time has come for me to meet my maker and to repay him in kind for all that he's done. V's Eloquence-- Allows the Audience to Better Respect and Understand V and his Beliefs Emotion Dichotomy of V's Interpretation and the Governments--
reveal the importance of perception in gaining understanding Sense Perception McTeigue Makes Evey a Sympathetic Character-- Evey's suffering has a greater impact Follow The Young Girl with Glasses--
Attaches audience to her and makes her death much more tragic, so Gov't looks even more cruel Censorship Dietrich was killed for his Art
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