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A Pair of Tickets

No description

Donnique Brown

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of A Pair of Tickets

A Pair of Tickets
by: Amy Tan

spring flower & spring rain

An old peasant woman


1. Where was Amy Tan Born? 3. what does the twin names mean?
A. San Francisco A. Spring flower and Spring rain
B. California B. Spring moon and spring star
C. China C. winter flower and winter rain
D. Shanghai

D. winter moon and winter star

2. How old is June May's dad? 4. Who founded the twin babies?
A. 62 A. A young boy
B. 85 B. June mother's schoolmate
C. 72 C. Aunt Lindo
D. 80 D. An old peasant woman

5. What is the symbol use in the story?
A. ring
B. photograph
C. ticket
D. train

The symbol use in the story is a picture of the twins mother, her husband and her parents.
the pictures were left with them the day their mom abandoned them during the invasion.
the photograph allows them to see what their mom looked like.
According to Zach Woodson, author Amy Tan explores the intricacies of an issue that most people never completely grasp:
that of identity and self-awareness.
He stated that Amy Tan uses the prevalence of stereotypes and internal conflict to present her theme effectively.
This is when June May's sister give her the ability to accept her Chinese identity after she met them.
She realizes what makes you Chinese is in your blood.
While her father is sharing the story of her mother during the Japanese invasion. June May learns to appreciate her mom and understands the existence of her half-sisters and realize the need to meet them as they are apart of her mother.
While her dad was telling the story, she says she is finding her mother in her father's story.
Conflict: Internal
June May transitions into her Chinese identity throughout the story and learns to accept that hidden part of her.
When she was fifteen, she vigorously denied she had any Chinese below her skin.
The complication of the story occurs when Aunt Lindo decided to write back to June May's half-sister making them believe that their mother was still alive and that she was coming to visit them in Shanghai. June May did not like that idea so she told her not write instead June May traveled to China and visit her.
Amy Tan

Plot line: Linear
The setting of the story changes as the plot progresses.
The story begins on a train early October morning where it will take June May and her dad to Guangzhou, China to meet his aunt.
The story ended in Shanghai, where June May meets her two half-sisters for the first time.
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