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Vegan Presentation

Holistic Nursing

Jessica Paolucci

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Vegan Presentation

Can being vegan really cure cancer? Plant Based Diet Eating a plant based diet What does being vegan mean? No cholesterol
High in fiber
Low in saturated fats
High in vitamins and minerals
Lower calories History of how vegan diet has
been used to benefit health Altering diet to eliminate animal based foods and include more whole grains, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds Use of therapy Diabetes II
Cardiovascular disease
Fatigue Veganism has been touted to cure,
treat and prevent ... Tantamango et al. (Feb. 2013)
Dietary factors may account for at 30% of cancer in Western countries
Vegan diet lowers risk of all cancer as well as female specific What the research says! Learned how food is processed Why I am a vegan Who can prescribe veganism? That means
No meat
No dairy
No eggs Doctors, NP's, and dieticians can suggest plant based diets Anyone can decide to
eat a vegan diet Ensuring adequate nutrition is important!
Chronic sinusitis
Migraines Read how animals are treated Watched documentaries and did some research Decided it best diet for me right now Never felt better! Key et al. (2006)
Studies do not show clear differences in cancer rates among Western vegetarians and non vegetarians
More research is needed to determine effects of vegan diet on cancer rates. China-Cornell Oxford Project (1980's)
Observational study in China
Looked at disease rates in areas that had adopted Western diets compared to those who hadn't
Findings suggested animal protein consumption associated with disease (such as breast cancer) previously unknown or uncommon in China Socially responsible B12, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein
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