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Michelle Mendonca's resume, in Prezi style

Michelle Mendonca

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Prezume

B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication - Public Relations Sequence; Second Major - Political Science
The Basics
Born and raised Floridian
Who Am I?
I've Got Mad Skills
a prezume (prezi + resume = prezume)
Michelle Mendonca
I'm a former financier who is looking for a new position in a tech or e-commerce company, where I can leverage my analytical and creative skill set.
I hope you have enjoyed my interactive resume. To contact me please use the information below:
Email: ms.michellemendonca@gmail.com
Phone: 727-534-1185
Twitter: @ShellyMendonca

M.S. in Commerce in Financial Services
Global Immersion Experience in Southeast Asia, including studies at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the National University of Singapore
In my last job I had to largely avoid social media. Now that I'm trying to change industries I'm diving headfirst into it all! You can find me at:
Instagram: michellemendonca
Twitter: @ShellyMendonca
Pinterest: Shelly Mendonça
I participated in many sports growing up - gymnastics, diving and track and field. These days I'm an avid runner who likes to lift weights and try out different fitness classes.
I'm into "eating clean" and I tend to veer towards Asian-inspired recipes, mainly Thai, when cooking at home. On the left is a photo of me at a cooking class in Siem Reap, Cambodia last year. I am also a huge believer in big breakfasts, and I'm always experimenting with new varieties of omelets and fritattas. On the right is a breakfast I made while staying in Perth, Australia.
I'm awesome at singing Karaoke
I rock at
Intermediate reading and writing abilities
Basic conversation skills
I'm actively working on learning more Spanish each day. If you see me running in Santa Monica there is a decent chance I'm listening to Spanish podcasts.
Financial Risk Management Analyst (Derivatives Marketer)
Built, marketed, and executed interest rate, commodity and equity derivatives for high-net-worth individuals and companies with annual revenues ranging from $5 - $200 million.
Identified custom interest rate hedging strategies and created targeted, persuasive marketing materials which examined historical rate trends and current economic data in a concise and creative manner
Wrote weekly market updates to educate bankers and their clients
Worked cross-functionally with banking, trading and legal colleagues to ensure smooth deal execution and regulation compliance
Developed and delivered presentations for local business leaders on derivative market fundamentals and trends
Coordinated the input of other marketers and represented the derivatives group on the working committee to overhaul the derivative billing process
New analyst mentor, University of Virginia undergraduate recruiting team member, summer intern advisory committee and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Corporate and Investment Banking Women’s Group member and contributor
Sales Associate
Began as a seasonal salesperson or "rover" in November of 2006. I worked two holiday seasons and two Half-Yearly sales where I was placed in different departments each day based on need. This position exposed me to almost every store department and greatly expanded my product knowledge.
Started in Men's Sportswear in August of 2008. I worked 15-25 hours a week while attending school and began full-time in December 2008, where I stayed until July of 2009 when I left for graduate school at UVA.
Top sales associate for Men’s Sportswear department in 11 out of 14 pay periods in 2009 and in pre-select sales for the spring Half-Yearly Sale and the Anniversary Sale; top 5% of employees in sales-per-hour rankings in those same periods
When I returned from backpacking in 2012 I worked at the Tampa, FL Nordstrom for the holiday season in the Individualist and Savvy departments.
Researched and compiled financial data on public and private companies in the emerging technology space for “The 451 M&A Knowledgebase”
Built original valuation models for Tier 1 Research, updated existing models and company reports
Assisted with calculations and fact-checking for the “Tech M&A Banking Review 2008: Cross-Atlantic Advisory” report
Summer Research Analyst
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Journalism & Mass Communication
University of Virginia
McIntire School of Commerce
Experience in business, news, and creative writing and editing.
Adobe Photoshop
I used Salesforce's reports feature on a regular basis at STRH to generate internal leads. I often helped my teammates in setting up and managing their searches and reports.
Language Skills
Fluent in reading and writing
High level conversation skills
I read news in Portuguese every day, chat with family in Brazil and watch Brazilian TV a few times a week to keep up my skill level
Native English speaker, graduate of one of the top undergraduate journalism programs in the U.S.
Ninja-like editing skills
Microsoft PowerPoint
After two years at an investment bank and a prior internship at a research firm I'm well-versed in Excel, including work with pivot tables, charts, vlookups, conditional formatting and multiple IF statements
I made hundreds of PowerPoint presentations while working at STRH, and many more before that at UNC and UVA. Some were short while others were multi-tab books produced in conjunction with teammates. In the Public Relations track at UNC I learned to develop slides that were informative and persuasive. At STRH I furthered those skills, combining recent market data and historical insights for our marketing pitch books. Beyond sales pitches to clients at STRH I also gave in-person presentations to other bank groups as well as local business leaders. These talks focused on recent economic affairs as well as derivative education.
I've got great timing
for jumping photos:
Nangyuan Island, Koh Tao, Thailand
You might be wondering what I've been up to since I left my job in finance last year. The answer: backpacking! In the past year I've been to 15 countries: Italy, Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, Brussels, Singapore, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia & Australia! Most of the time I was traveling solo, but I made new friends in every location. My travels made me grow outside my comfort zone. On a daily basis I was talking to strangers, figuring out ways to overcome language barriers and navigating around foreign cities - without a smartphone! By the end of my journey I felt like a much more confident and cultured version of my previous self.
Major Tar Heel Fan
Recently moved to the
L.A. area
Dual citizen of the
US and Brazil
I like keeping up with trends while maintaining my own style. When I worked in retail I became quite good at picking the items that were going to sell well and which ones would be getting marked down in a few weeks, as what works on the runway doesn't always work in real life.
I love finding new skin care products and researching the science behind them. I'm that person standing in the skin care aisle who Googles every ingredient they don't know. At one point in life I was debating going to med school and I spent a day shadowing a dermatologist who was performing Mohs surgeries (lesson learned: wear sunscreen!). These days I enjoy reading medical and health news for fun.
Thank you for visiting!
I learned the basics of Photoshop at UNC and have used similar online editors in recent months. I might have even Photoshopped a friend's vacation photos in return for her editing my resume, but that is between me and whoever reads this Prezume.
*Note: While my last job was Microsoft Office-based, I am familiar with Macs as I use one at home. I prefer Android phones though, (and yes, I've had an iPhone before).
July 2010 - June 2012
June - July 2008
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