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Field Trip To The Bass Hall

No description

Elizabeth Shier

on 12 January 2018

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Transcript of Field Trip To The Bass Hall

Field Trip To the Bass Hall!
Fort Worth, Texas
The Bass Hall is one of the premiere concert halls in the world!
Secrets of the Bass Hall
The artwork you will see is amazing and has some great stories behind it. The ceiling art was done by two twin brothers from Fort Worth. The east and west portals depict the sunrise and sunset. In the west portal there is a small detail of a comet...Mrs. Shier will tell you the story!
The Ceiling in the Concert Chamber
The brothers signed the "Sun at High Noon" with two falcons, their signature. Also during the time they were working on the project, their mother passed away, and in her honor they painted a crescent moon in the ceiling. See if you can find it!
We expect you to be an amazing audience and hope that this experience will be one that you won't soon forget!
audience etiquette
Field Trip To The Bass Hall!
January 21, 2016
Perry and Nancy Bass
The Angels adorn the hall and the "angel" theme runs throughout
Concert Hall
Concert Hall
(stagehands working)
signature falcons
The Concert Program
The concert is a program called "Visions of America" and will feature the music of several American composers like George Gershwin and John Williams (of Star Wars fame!)
Many of the people who work at the Bass Hall are volunteers. Years ago, Mrs. Shier was in the first group of volunteer ushers that were trained to greet people, take their tickets, show them to their seats, etc... (she had a different name before she got married)
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