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GCSE Information Evening

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

James Millichamp

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of GCSE Information Evening

GCSE Information Evening
Tuesday 24th September 2013


What is it like
to study
GCSEs today?
What can you do?
What will
we do?
The Big

What can the student do?
Kathy Crewe-Read

Number taken – 9 or 10;
GCSEs in most subjects,
iGCSEs in English, German and history.
• Core subjects, 3 sciences plus 3 or 4 options.
• Terminal exams.
• Controlled Assessment in some subjects.
• Grades A*, A, B and C are passes.
• We should be aiming for A* and A grades.
•Fear of failure
•Self esteem
•Peer pressure
•Girls/ boys/ relationships
•Not wanting to grow up
•Wanting to be independent
•So many distractions (the internet for one!)
•Sport, music, drama and other activities

Thank you for listening this evening.
GCSE Results
A*-C A*/A
2011 99% 63%
2012 99% 62%
2013 99% 66%

In 2013 we had 81 Candidates,
who sat 790 papers between them.
Passes at A* 34%
A*-A 66%
A*-C 99%
A*-E 100%
Students gaining 9 or more passes at A* or A 27 33.3

•Being active learners.
•Being organised.
•Developing study skills.
•Being independent learners.
•Aiming high.
•Getting involved.
•Keeping relaxed, healthy and happy.

•Show interest.
•Agree ground rules.
•Stay positive.
•80:20 rule.
•Motivation and self esteem.
•Keep us informed

Inspirational Education
•Be happy,
•Have friends,
•Keep a good relationship with parents, family and school,
•Have people to turn to...
•Develop interests,
•Develop good self esteem and gain confidence.

1.Make the time to talk.
4.Be understanding..

•Be level headed.
•Build upon past successes.
•Get help/ advice.
•Contact us.
•Peer support system / school counsellor.

Memory - How much we remember when we:
Read 20% - a poor revision strategy in isolation
Hear 30%
See 40%
Say 50%
Do 60%
See, say, hear and do 90%

•Be part of us.
charity fundraising and other activities

Subject specialists
OpAL dept
Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year
Report Structure

video 2
Post-16 education at WGS

A/B passes:2011 – 75% / 2012 – 78% / 2013 – 76%

A/A* passes:2011 – 47% / 2012 – 48% / 2013 – 44%
(indep. sch. ave.: 33%)

GCSE to A2, VA 2009:1025 / 2010:1040
(2009 - Royal:990 TC:1000 TT:999 GH:1010;
and in 2010 - Royal:1024 TC:990 TT:977 GH:990)

Firm choice uni 70% in 2010, 73% in 2011 ,
80% in 2012, 77% in 2013

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