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Pam - Equipment

No description

Kelsey Anderson

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Pam - Equipment

Features & Benefits
• AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) is a form of surge protector
• Some surge protectors ground excess voltages
• AVR monitors the voltage constantly to deal with both dips and spikes
Brushless Capacitor Alternators

Large extended run fuel tanks
Fuel strainer and fuel gauge
Fuel shutoff valve with translucent sediment cup
Fuel Tanks
Powder coat finish on frames & fuel tanks
Better coverage
Longer protection against rust

Powder Coat Finish
GFCI & Twistlock Receptacles
Full Featured Control Panels
RGX2900, RGX3600 & RGX4800(E) = 4.4 gal
RGX6500(E) & RGX7500(E) = 7.3 gal
RGV12100 & RGV13100T = 11.4 gal
RGX/RGV Series
• RGX2900
• RGX3600
• RGX4800(E)
• RGX6500(E)
• RGX7500(E)
Capacitor voltage regulation protects against surges,
allowing output as high as 150% over rated power for up to 20 seconds

GFCI & Fuseless Circuit Breakers
Idler Control (except RGX2900)
Full Power Switch (except RGX2900)
12 VDC Battery Charging Capabilities
Pilot Light
Generator On-Off Switch
RGX2900 – EX17, 6 HP

RGX3600 – EX21, 7 HP

RGX4800(E) – EX27, 9 HP

RGX6500(E) – EX35, 12 HP

RGX7500(E) – EX40, 14 HP
RGX Generators have EX OHC Engines
Engine Features
Cast Iron Cylinder liner for longer engine life
Dual ball bearing crankshaft support
Low oil level sensor & shutdown
Low-tone muffler w/spark arrestor for
US Forestry Approval
Foam air cleaners (washable-reusable)
Meets EPA Phase 3 and Carb Tier III
RGV Industrial Generators
• RGV12100
• RGV13100T

120/208 volt three phase operation
18 HP V-Twin Subaru engine
11.4 gallon fuel tank
Electric start
120/208 volt, 30 amp twistlock
2 wheel kit standard

• Regardless of application
• All RGX, RGV & Inverter generators
• SGX models carry a 3 year generator/
5 year engine warranty
5 Year Limited Warranty
• 22 HP V-Twin Subaru Engine
• 11.4 gallon fuel tank
• Electric Start
• 50 amp 120/240 volt twistlock
• 4 wheel kit standard (2 wheel optional)
SGX (Commercial) Models
Features / Benefits
SGX3500 – 4 gal. fuel tank
SGX5000 – 8 gal. fuel tank
SGX7500E – 8 gal. fuel tank

Subaru Overhead Cam engines
SGX3500 – EX21 – 7 HP
SGX5000 – EX30 – 9.5 HP
SGX7500E – EX40 – 14 HP

SGX specs
100% copper windings
GFCI and Twistlock Receptacles
Circuit Breaker Protection
AVR (automatic voltage regulator)
Extra-quiet tonal quality muffler with Spark arrestor
Two Wheel Kit with flat free tires (standard on all models)
Battery standard on SGX7500E

SGX Series Generator Amperage
Idler Control
Full Power Switch
12VDC Battery Charging Capabilities
5 year limited warranty
Wheel kit standard
Battery standard on SGX7500E
Cost effective
3 year limited generator/5 year engine warranty
Total Amperage Available
120V. Duplex or 120/240V. Twistlock
120V. Duplex/Twistlock or 120/240V. Twistlock
120V. Duplex/Twistlock or 120/240V. Twistlock
Inverter Series
Inverter Power
Features / Benefits
Why Inverter?
Power is produced as “Clean Power”.
Stable and free of potentially harmful voltage surges.
Multi-monitor display
Single dial control
120% high surge capacity
Inverter module
Dual element air cleaner
Large removable access doors
Sound attenuated resin door panels
Standard wheelkit with lock
Pump Review
Centrifugal Pump
A disk with multiple vanes. It is attached to the pump engine and is used to create the centrifugal force necessary for moving water through the pump casing.

Mechanical Seal:
A common wear part that forms a seal between the pump and the engine. Also prevents water from seeping into the engine.

Self Priming:
The ability of a pump to purge air from its system and creating an area of low pressure that permits water to flow into the pump casing.
A stationary housing inside the pump housing in which the impeller rotates. It is used to separate air and water.

Wear Plate:
A replaceable steel insert that fits inside the volute or suction cover of a pump. Helps to form a vacuum with the impeller and reduce the cost of replacement parts.
Clear water general purpose dewatering

Will pass ¼” spherical solids thru the strainer

Self lubricating carbon ceramic mechanical seals

Shimmable impeller to volute
Allows the clearance to be readjusted between the impeller and volute
Saves the cost of replacing major components

Cast Iron impeller and volute ensures long life.
Submersible Pumps
Submersible Pumps
Submersible Dewatering Pumps
Submersible Trash Pump
Submersible Bottom Suction
Pump Warranty
Centrifugal - High Pressure
Semi-Trash Pump
Engine Features
Diaphragm Pumps
Trash Pump
Designed for use in applications requiring high-discharge pressures and low flows.
Wash down equipment, water trailers, irrigation, firefighting applications.
Strictly clear water only
Enhanced volute and impeller to handle larger solids – ½”
Self-lubricating silicon carbide mechanical seals
Cost effective pump when the job is not clear water, but does not have the debris that would require a trash pump
Graphite cast iron volute and impeller.
Self-lubricating silicon carbide mechanical seals
Wear Plate (except PKX401T)
Handles solids (sticks, stones, debris) up to 1/2 the diameter of the pump
Special pump wrench included to remove pump casing for easy clean out
Access plug for loosening of impeller for maintenance without special tools
Use a positive displacement design to move water

Connecting rod alternately raises (expands) and lowers (contracts) the diaphragm

Vacuum is created each time the diaphragm is raised

This opens the inlet valve and seals the discharge valve allowing water and air to enter the pump

When the diaphragm is lowered, the pressure seals the inlet and opens the outlet valve purging the pump housing of water and air

Can run dry for long periods of time

No impeller or volute

Works best where there is a large amount of trash or sludge
Most Subaru pumps have a Subaru Overhead Cam engine

PKV110 has Overhead Valve

Low oil shutdown on all pumps except PKV110 model

Spark arrestor muffler standard except PKV110

Compact size
Handles large volumes of clear water (except Trash pump)
No suction hose required
Float switches available
90 day warranty
A standard dewatering pump is designed to pump clean water
These pumps typically have a top discharge with a flow-thru design That allows the pumped water to cool the motor

• Trash pump has side discharge
• Designed to pump sand, solids & debris with little wear and clogging
• Don’t flow water across the motor
• Keep them fully submerged for cooling purposes

Bottom suction pumps are designed to pump clean water down to the ground level for complete drainage of flat surfaces

• 5 Year limited warranty on gasoline powered pumps

• 90 days limited warranty on submersibles
Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Industrial Products
Lake Zurich, IL
Chicago, IL
" Who makes the best cars? Subaru replaces Honda atop the automaker report cards"
April 2012
Best Car MFG
Coverage Across
7,300 Service Dealers
26 Altaquip Service Centers
2014 Subaru added 438 new dealers
2009 Subaru had 3,300 dealers
World Wide Network
Robin Europe
REG (Dusseldorf)
Fuji Heavy Head Office &
Mother Plant
Robin Service
Subaru Industrial Power Products
Shanghai Office
SIP (Chicago)
Fuji Heavy Singapore
FHIS (Singapore)
SIPC (Subaru Industrial Products China)
FCR (Changzhou)
Superior Parts

Parts & Service Engine Inventory
Subaru orders the
same day.
fill rate overall.
Drop ships at
no extra charge.
Stock OEM
Industry Leading
full dealer discount.
Subaru service dealers receive

on parts.
Checks sent

to dealers
each week.
& Warranty
5 year
limited warranty.
Tokyo, Japan
2 Million Capacity
Primary Engine Production Plant
ISO 9001 & 14001
R&D Center
Saitama Manufacturing
Saitama, Japan
Introduced in 1995
Highly Automated 2001
*Any combination of reciptacles can be used.
Note: SGX7500E 120V duplex receptacles are circuit breaker limited to 20 amps each.
NEW website.
Parts manuals
Service manuals
Owner’s manuals
Product Info
Dealer Locator
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