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Jamie Oliver- from baby to brilliance.

Here is an account on Jamie Oliver, one of the most famous chefs in our time. I have chosen to use Prezi to present my research however, a more detailed account has been written which you are also welcome to see if you want to lean more about him.

Olivia Chung

on 29 August 2010

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Transcript of Jamie Oliver- from baby to brilliance.

As a boy.. Born 27th May 1975, Clavering, Essex, England
Dad owns a pub/restaurant- 'The Cricketers' started cooking at 8 years old in their restuarant ** Not actually Jamie but I couldn't find a photo of him as a child from baby to brilliance At 11 years of age, he
could cut vegetables as
well as any kitchen
staff in the restaurant The Journey Begins... Worked at the River
Cafe in London
alongside Rose Gray
and Ruth Rogers
for 3 and a 1/2 years. Here he truly learnt to make fresh, delicious food
Cooking to Acting 1998-1999:
starred in 'The Naked Chef,'
referring to the simplicity of
his recipes
Here are some of 19 the television
shows Jamie has produced over time.. From there, Jamie's
television career arose The naked chef was
a 2 series 6 part tv
show going through
some of his simplest
and effective recipes
'Jamie's Kitchen' was his
second tv series. Jamie
trains 15 chosen youths in
Britain to become chefs. 'Jamie's Chef' was a follow up
tv show produced. This one in-
vited the original youths to battle for a chance to run their own
business! 2002:
'Oliver's Twist' was his third series
produced. This series was similar to
'The Naked Chef,' but based in other
countries around the world instead
of just the United Kingdom. 2010:
'Jamie's Food Revolution' has been aiared on TEN Australia. Jamie goes to the Huntington, West Virginia, United States, to try and change the diets of Americans in their home, restaurants and schools. Here is a short trailer of the series A documentary on the
restaurant was being
filmed and Jamie was
included. When it was
aired, 5 different pro-
duction companies rang
him to see if he was in-
terested in making a show. Bibliography:
Oliver, J. 'About Me,' JamieOliver.com. Available: http://www.jamieoliver.com/about/jamie-oliver-biog. Last accessed 4th August 2010
Moore, B. 2010. 'Jamie Oliver,' About.com. Available: http://gourmetfood.about.com/od/chefbiographi2/p/JamieOliver.htm. Last accessed 4th August 2010.
Unknown. 'Jamie Oliver Biography,' Jamie's Kitchen. Available: http://www.jamieskitchen.net/bio.html. Last accessed 4th August 2010.
Now: Jamie Oliver has a family with wife Julliette and 2 daughters, Poppy and Daisy, aged 8 and 7 At 16, he dropped school to attend Westminister Catering College, where his real journey began Head pastry chef with Antonio Carluccio at the Neal Street Restaurant
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