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Early Education HSI-STEM Presentation

General introducation to college and STEM careers/degrees for ages 3 through 7

Laura Payne

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Early Education HSI-STEM Presentation

Angelo State University HSI-STEM
Elementary Education Presentation
College is for Us All
What do you want to do when you grow up?
A doctor, teacher, nurse, astronaut, farmer, scientist, rancher, engineer, video game programer, Pixar animator, veterinarian, biologist?
Doing well in school and going to college will help you to become any person you want! A college education enables you to do more for yourself and your community.
Do you want to go to College?
Do you know anyone who has gone to college?
There are over 200 different colleges and universities in the State of Texas
In Texas there is a place for us all!
This means that they stayed in school and finished high school as well as working hard to make good grades so that they would be able to go to college.
Turns out many people we know and many people who help us on a daily basis have had some sort of advanced education!
Do you want to go to college?
Can you name a college?
Stay in School
Make Good Grades
How do you get into college?
Be active in your community.
Financial Aid
Apply Texas
Bachelor's Degree
Is a place for students to live while at college
An award for finishing college
A school after high school that prepares you for a career
Scholarships, grants, awards, and loans that pay for college
A place a college is located
What your classes are about like biology, engineering, chemistry, geology, and computer science
Money given to you to go to school for making good grades, working hard, or because you need it
A free way to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans
A teacher in college
The application for college in Texas
A four year degree at a college which can help you find more jobs and make more money
YOU ARE A STUDENT! A student is someone who is learning
Money the government has available to help you go to college
Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Do you like science class?
Do you like building?
Do you like numbers?
Do you like computers?
Be a STEM Major!
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