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Marketing Spring 2012

Tribe- Punk Lite

Lorelle Yap

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Spring 2012

Roots of Punk mid 1970’s, London

Middle class teenagers made ‘a cry of revolt’ due to the poor economy shape (government)

Unemployment + Anger = Youth; led to the movement

Aim: have a tattered, dishevelled exterior to express their aggression and frustration

Nihilism (negating any meaning of life), non-conformity, anti-establishment are the basis of their ideologies and concerns, using the ‘No Future’ slogan and unconventional fluorescent colour Mohawks.

Vulgar language, mismatched layered fashion held together by safety pins evidence of nonconformity

Dress sense- theatrical manner: seek outrage from the general public with the use of cosmetics and tattoos

Appearances of great value, embracing individuality and freedom

Loud, raw, aggressive music, e.g. ‘God Save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols

Music is a catalyst for their development Who is the Punk Lite? Increased influence on social media and other subcultures, including Sydney (the Punk Lite)

Described as a hybrid of New Romance Emo, Techno Boho and Punk itself

‘Promote tolerance, inclusion and love’ (case study) despite the impact of Goths

Support mainstream music and unsigned primitive music (D.I.Y ethics, tied to punk ideology) and the reference for the images on the bottom are
(Greg Moh, 2009) and (Shay,2008) Punks Today... Environmental Factors Product: What is MyMuse? Marketing Strategy http://www.gondolagreg.com/2009/09/scenes-from-piazzale-roma-punks-on.html http://sparkplugged.net/2008/12/stance-punks-peace-destroy/ Macro Factors Economical Age group of the target market --> 16- 23 years
Product- smart phone/ tablet application; middle- upper class
Tablets and PC's are relatively inelastic (Dougherty et al, 2012) thus will not hinder sales Demographical & Social Demographic trends, lifestyle, ageing population may affect MyMuse sales
Target market: mainly teenagers influenced by the changing social forces, resulting in sales affected by social trends Technological Introduction to new technological advances will affect sales (eg. Samsung Galaxy series and Apple products Legal Aspects Our product involves sharing self-composed music --> threats of piracy and illegal use of shared music= legal action brought upon the application By: Rachel Bolina, Shirley Fu, Ka Man Pun,
Yxian Chen, Lorelle Yap Available in Apple application store and Google Play

Suggested items from Dangerfield, General Pants Co
and iTunes The Marketing Mix MyMuse = a source of inspiration
for punk fashion and music

Smart phone/ Tablet application

Target Market: Punk Lite Tribe, and those who’ve recently discovered their passion for the Punk style

Suggestions for clothes and accessories from their personal style (style quiz)

Discovery site for new Punk, Rock bands, upload self composed music

Responsive to our target markets need to uphold their image. Place People Users ability to upload self- composed music add value; self service facility

Creation of a new community within MyMuse Price Customer value-based pricing: new product, this is most
suitable to satisfy the end users needs, wants, and demands

Promotional pricing: free first three months

Psychological pricing: strategic, $4.99 appears cheaper than $5.00 Promotion Online advertising- My Space for the music scene of the Punk Lite, Facebook and Twitter

Flyers within the Dangerfield and General Pants Co. stores

Sales promotion: deals and coupons, discounts Response to the Punk Lite's Needs Sales Promotion Integrated Marketing Communications Style quiz part of the free trial period

Celebrity endorsements (like Good Charlotte and Paramore), choose items from a store, featured on the cover of the MyMuse App cover Process Communication among us, the creators of MyMuse and the Apple App store, and Google Play store

Deciding factor before purchasing a product, free period for MyMuse Advocate ‘personal expression and uniqueness that comes from the experiences of growing up’ and ‘our human ability to reason and ask questions’ (Punk Manifesto, 2002)

Record labels associate Punks= violence + sex

Promoted as ‘some sort of a product to be ingested’.

Creation of an Application by Apple and Android devices as an outlet for punks to explore their fundamental values, solely designed for their need.

Community for Punks: share and learn music and fashion linked to their identity; connect with the like-minded Potential Competitors "PUNK Lite!" Apple Application-
Create 'pure punk music of your own' (Bokan Technologies, 2012)
You are not able to save music

Punk Fashion: Elements of Influence-
Online blog, offers outfit inspiration to readers
They however do not sell the products they advertise

DCMA Collection-
Online website, sells typical 'punk' fashion
Wholesale, no direct competition Etsy-
Online store with homemade items, there is a wide variety fashionable items
Not specifically targeted towards the Punk Lite

Share the Punks-
Online Community blog
Reviews the latest Punk
Clean and legal music
downloads "We, as the 'producers' of MyMuse are involved in the production channel, and therefore are less involved within promoting our product, but rather have a strong partnership with online retailers including iTunes and the Google Play store." New Media- internet sites, mobile phones offering discounts (eg 20% off a shirt in store)
Vouchers/ Coupons- through magazines with a code, extended free period for full use of MyMuse
Free Period- successful for new products, first 3 months Advertising Reach large numbers of customers within one showing
Television advertising- celebrities engaging within MyMuse, form of encouragement
Magazine advertising- ‘Punk Magazine’, various music magazines and catalogues in General Pants Co. Meets the target
markets' needs and
embraces their passion for
style and music May not be advertised
widely enough to ensure
a large number of
consumers of MyMuse Similar products such as
the PUNK Lite app,
and Share the Punks Further advertising and
communication with
the general public,
and more specifically
the Punk Lite Tribe Adam, S, Armstrong, G, Denize, S, Kotler, P 2012, Principles of Marketing, 5th Edn, Pearson, Frenchs Forest, New South Wales

Bercovici, J 2012. 'More Mobile News Consumers Choosing Web Over Apps' Forbes [ONLINE] Available at:
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Dykes, D. 2011. 'Punk Fashion: Elements of Influence' [ONLINE] Available at:
http://www.fashionising.com/trends/b--punk-fashion-5355.html [accessed 20th Sept 2012]

Graffin, G 2002. 'A Punk Manifesto' [ONLINE] Available at:
http://punkhistory0.tripod.com/punk/id2.html [acccessed 5th Oct 2012]

'Punk Hairstyle and Haircut', 2011, Image, Blogger, 5th May, viewed 28th Sept 2012, <http://mucing.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/punk-hair-style-and-haircut-pictures.html>

Solomon, M, Marshall, G, Stuart, E, 2001. Marketing 2. 2nd ed. Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW

2007. 'DCMA Collection' [ONLINE] Available at:
http://www.dcma.com.au/ [accessed 1st Oct 2012]

2012. 'Etsy' [ONLINE] Available at:
http://www.etsy.com/ [accessed 28th Sept 2012]

2012. 'Share the Punk' [ONLINE] Blogger. Available at:
http://sharethepunk.blogspot.com.au/ [accessed 1st Oct 2012]

2012. 'Marketing Mix' Marketing Teacher [ONLINE] Available at:
http://www.marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-marketing-mix.html [accessed 2nd Oct 2012] References Welcome to My Muse! Within this application, you will be introduced to the newest pieces of clothing within the Punk Lite community, as well as become familiar with many new Rock Punk bands, who have not yet been signed or choose to express their music as an individual or within a band.
To find out which items best suit you, check out our personal style quiz!

Male or female?

Plaid or Pleats?

Studs, Pins or both?

Do you prefer bright, loud colours or much rather sticking to one tone through your clothing? Style Quiz MyMuse Our Brand Name The name comes from the basis of our whole idea of our application; it is influential to the Punk Lite community as it is a suggestion app that helps the members uncover many new clothes and accessories, and music bands.
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