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Why Did Australia Become Involved In WWI?

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Jordan Osborne

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Why Did Australia Become Involved In WWI?

Why dId AustralIa Become Involved In WW1? There were many reasons
why Australia became
involved in WWI Things such as... When Britain declared war in 1914 it declared war on behalf of the British Empire, which included Australia.
Secondly, if Australia became involved in this war they would gain more respect from some of their fellow countries considering they were quite a new diminunative nation. Australians at this point in time were also very naive and believed that by the time they went to war it would all be over. These are a few enlistment posters for WW1 There were a few other minor reasons such as... Staying loyal to their mates who decided to sign up for war
Thought it would be a good way to see the world
And some believed they would be frowned upon by their peers if they did not sign up for the war But mostly, my forementioned reasons were why... But mostly my forementioned reasons were mainly why... But mostly my forementioned reasons were why... Australia Decided To Become Involved In WW1
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